March 25, 2023

It is All Theater: Joe Biden Staged COVID Booster Upon Mockup Set Complete With Phony Outdoor Background

But… why?

May well Biden received a COVID booster shot in front of the live television audience — in a soundstage with a bogus White House backdrop.

After providing a speech Monday about his administration’s booster photo rollout, Biden stepped through the podium to a nearby chair with a mockup White House background behind him, and took the booster shot on live TV.

Biden had delivered a talk about boosters at Southern Court Auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building before walking away from the podium to sit near a White-colored House backdrop complete with artificially-lit fake windows showing the particular White House in the background.

Many on social media were curious why the elaborate fake Whitened House stage was necessary for Biden’s booster photo-op, especially when he could have just used it at the actual White-colored House next door, perhaps on the Rose Garden or Oblong Office.

Biden’s use of a soundstage for his booster chance stunt is indisputable.

Even late night host Stephen Colbert mocked Biden’s obvious film set yet insisted it doesn’t “ issue at all, ” move together.

“ I am aware he was doing this on camera to encourage everyone to get the shot and that’s the best thing, ” Colbert said Monday night. “ But all of the I could see was exactly what looked like incredibly fake windows behind the president. May fake room!

“ Hold on! Imagine if fake windows are just the beginning? ” he joked. “ Was the booster real? Was that his real arm? What happens if it was cake? Remember when everything was cake? It really is ‘ laurel’ or is it ‘ yanny’? ”

“ We’ll convey more on ‘ Windowgate’ because it continues to not matter at all, ” he added.

The question is, why did the Biden administration feel the fake set was essential for Biden’s booster shot occasion?

The bizarre movie set speaks to some wider pattern of lying down, deceit, and fraudulence with the Biden administration.

But it’s somehow appropriate for a fake puppet chief executive to stage a shot stunt on a fake set in a bid to fool the American people that the dangerous Covid injection is “ safe and effective. ”

When it came to the Hunter Biden scandal that could have got derailed Globalist puppet Joe Biden the Lamestream mass media was there.

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