March 23, 2023

Movie: Daughter of Ontario, North america Premier Doug Ford Exposes Globalist Covid Agenda

“They are going to get it all and we have allowed it, ” she alerts.

Ontario, Canada Premier Doug Ford, leader of the Intensifying Conservative Party, is a globalist pawn who has subjected their constituents to mask mandates, lockdowns and vaccine given.

Doug is the brother of late Toronto mayor Rob Kia, who was infamously caught smoking crack crack on camera.

However , not all from the Fords are globalist duds.

Doug Ford’s beautiful daughter Krista Ford Haynes recently told her Instagram followers, “ Just remember to thank a liberal whenever we go down the New World Order… Is anyone questioning the reason why Israel, their studies, have found that natural immunity is 13-plus times more effective compared to [vaccines]? Or are you just going to line up and get your booster shots in some months? ”

The young Ford also noted Nyc Times research showing fewer Covid deaths in September of 2020 when nobody was vaccinated than in September of 2021 when over half the nation is now vaccinated.

“ When I posted in May or June of this past year about the upcoming mask mandates and to not comply, this is the reason I wanted people, urged people not to comply, ” Kia explained. “ We discovered right away that masks weren’t very effective, if effective at all. ”

“ We could have put the foot down, collectively, and didn’t. And then you had the mask police lining upward at the stores and they didn’t let you in without a face mask you unless you said that you needed an exemption and some stores didn’t even allow that will. That was the stepping rock to the [vaccine] passports, ” she continuing.

Laughing at how naive lots of people still are regarding the impending government tyranny set to unleash itself on countries around the globe, the Ontario premier’s girl said, “ You think they have just going to be cinemas, restaurants, gyms? That’s the very first step. It’s going to be hair salons and spas, nail salons, massage centers. They are going to take it all. They will take it all, and we have allowed it. ”

Ford told her supporters the people should have stood up for their rights at the starting point of the pandemic, saying, “ We can’t blame the federal government. We have to blame ourselves to get covering our faces. If only we didn’t cover the faces, we wouldn’t be here today. ”

When it comes to Covid vaccines, Kia warned the global establishment won’t stop without resistance, telling viewers, “ it’s not going to end up being two [doses] and done, it’s going to be boosters for life and every booster a person take is going to weaken your own natural immunity to fight off the viruses. ”

“ Just prevent complying, ” she pleaded before signing off.

Also, shouldn’t miss Alex Jones’ well-known anti-Doug Ford rant in which he compares the phony conservative to an evil hedgehog.

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