Cop Who Raped and Strangled Woman Used COVID Lockdown Rules to Abduct Her

Witnesses didn’t intervene because they presumed Sarah Everard had carried out something wrong.

The off-duty officer who raped and strangled Sarah Everard used the reason of COVID lockdown guidelines to handcuff, ‘ arrest’ and abduct her, a court has heard.

33-year-old Everard was murdered after she went missing following a trip to her friend’s house for lunch in South London upon March 3rd.

Everard was technically in violation of England’s lockdown rules at the time, which forbade people visiting others outside of their ‘ bubble’.

As she walked home with her earphones in her ears, Everard was confronted by off duty Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens, who likely cited COVID rules as a reason to prevent her in the street.

The officer had worked COVID patrol shifts in January 2021, and “ was thus aware of the regulations and what language to use to those who may have breached them, ” the Crown Prosecution Service mentioned at the Old Bailey nowadays.

Footage performed to the court showed Couzens hold up his hand to Everard, possibly showing the girl a warrant card, just before he handcuffed her plus placed her in the back of their hire car.

Mary Little QC told the particular court: “ The fact she had been to a friend’s home for dinner at the height from the early 2021 lockdown made her more vulnerable to, and more likely to, submit to an accusation that she had served in breach of the regulations in some way. ”

“ He could have used COVID as a reason to get the girl into the back of the car plus said, ‘ you’re breaking COVID rules’ and caught her, ” said Simon Harding, a former senior private investigator.

Witnesses which saw the encounter in between Everard and Couzens likely did nothing to get involved because they thought Couzens “ had done something wrong… They were in fact witnessing the girl kidnap by a cop, ” tweeted journalist Fiona Hamilton.

Couzens drove his victim 80 miles before raping and killing her.

Everard’s remains were discovered a week later in woodland near Ashford in Kent.

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