March 25, 2023

Democrats’ Deranged ‘Defund the Police’ Movement Fueled America’s Biggest Murder Spike Since the Kennedy Era

Sobering criminal offense report shows murders upward by 30%

The only thing more shocking than the latest US crime report, which shows murders up by 30% in 2020, is that the bloodshed wasn’t worse.

Liberal plan has incited a perfect surprise for violent crime that promises to continue.

The FBI’s newly released  Uniform Crime Record (UCR)   makes for some very sobering reading, and really should serve as a wake-up call that something is seriously away from whack on the streets associated with America.

Within the same year (2020) that will saw George Floyd wiped out during an arrest simply by white police officer Derek Chauvin, 21, 570 Americans lost their lives by murder – usually at the end of the firearm. That constituted the largest single-year  increase   in murders because the FBI began tracking criminal offense statistics six decades ago.

The striking thing about this particularly harsh killing season is that the majority of the murders were not concentrated in the large metropolis areas, but scattered across the country.   In 1990, New York City plus Los Angeles, for example ,   accounted   to get 13. 8 percent of murders; today, those cities are responsible for just 3. almost eight percent. Clearly, in the ‘ new American normal’, cold-blooded murder is an equal chance statistic.

At the same time, the Democrat-friendly media, eager to locate a silver lining within the bloodbath, was quick to indicate that the 2020 death depend paled against that of 1991, when nearly 25, 1000 Americans had their lifestyles abruptly cut short. The man who presided over that will mayhem was none other than the particular Republican patriarch George They would. W. Bush, who seemed far more focused on unleashing loss of life and destruction on foreign countries than tackling chaotic crime on the streets of America.

In fact, the Democrats may not have long to hide behind Republican failures, considering that the violent crime rate for 2021 has far surpassed those of last year. Murders so far this year have increased nearly 10 percent from 2020 in the 87 cities whose current data are available.

But enough with mindlessly rattling off statistics; more important is determining the root cause with this frightening uptick in killings. Most people would probably be quick to argue that the Covid-19 pandemic is to blame for America resembling a daily reenactment of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘ Scarface’ coastline to coast. That description seems to be giving far too much credit to a virus having an extremely high survival rate.

In fact , what seems to have triggered a wave of murderous madness in the US is not Covid per se, but instead the Democratic Party’s animal, over-the-top response to the disease. Rather than advising the most vulnerable associates of society – the elderly and sickly – to isolate themselves as much as possible, the Democrats (and for some time the particular Republicans as well) somehow believed that the best strategy was to shut down smaller businesses and social functions, whilst keeping everyone locked upward inside their homes like criminals.

This scenario flipped Leo Tolstoy’s famous series,   “ Almost all happy families are as well; each unhappy family will be unhappy in its own method, ”   on its head, as it became easily predictable what was making the majority of families equally miserable – unemployment and social isolation. If the lockdowns do anything positive, they provided academics fertile ground for new research (a quick Google search for ‘ psychological influence of Covid lockdowns’ yields thousands of results).

Unsurprisingly, it was the ua-liberal state of California, in March 2020, that 1st imposed lockdown orders – remember the joke, “ two weeks to flatten the particular curve, ” where our sanity became the punchline? – on millions of workers and students after a 70-year-old man on a cruise ship with pre-existing conditions reportedly died with Covid.

Two months later, George Floyd had the life crushed away from him under the knee of the white police officer, and America was off to the crazy races.

Black Lives Matter and other interpersonal justice groups,   flush   along with over $1 billion from  George Soros   and a host associated with Fortune 500 corporations, lit a path of devastation from Syracuse to Seattle, delivering the final  coup de grace to many businesses already teetering on the brink of bankruptcy from pressured closures.

Meanwhile, the mendacious media, rather than reporting on the violence using a sense of balance plus integrity, dutifully served as apologists for the  “ mostly peaceful protests, ”   whilst running with the ‘ most cops are racist’ clickbait nonsense. Just what a nation going stir crazy below locked-down conditions needs: a media with absolutely no feeling of shame or integrity.

Instead of tossing out the dirty police with the bathwater, the mainstream media could have committed itself to some good ol’ fashioned  investigative journalism . Reporters could have been tasked along with asking if maybe – just maybe – the main cause of police violence is not really actually racism, but rather overworked forces that are attempting to defend citizens amid a rise in crime rates, weapon sales, and floundering economic conditions exasperated by a pandemic. Simply blaming police mistreatment on ‘ racism’, particularly when white people are also obtaining killed by the cops, reaches the very least irresponsible, and at worst, criminally negligent.

So when the United States needed practical police forces more than ever just before, the ‘ defund the particular police’ movement, backed with the media and high-profile  Democrats , got its grand inception. As one activist pamphlet proudly  boasted , the movement offers succeeded in extracting  “ over $840 mil dollars from police sections, and secured investments associated with at least $160 million dollars in communities. They taken out cops from schools within over 25 cities, saving an additional $34 million designed for investment in meeting student and community needs. ”

The end result was that honest, hard-working law enforcement officers lost their jobs, whilst other decent street police, not willing to take the rap because of a few bad apples in the ranks, turned in their own badges. At the same time, left-leaning area attorneys, in  cahoots   with Showmanship celebrities, found ways to maintain convicted criminals out of jail and on the streets. Put simply, the message was: The united states needs more criminals in the streets, not cops.

Do Democrats require any more reasons as to why homicide rates are exploding across the nation? If yes, take a look at the the southern part of border between the United States and Mexico.   What do you see? A non-stop wave of illegal migrants who are becoming allowed to enter and settle in ‘ sanctuary cities’ around the country. During a pandemic, no less. Opening the border to illegal aliens, who seem to arrive in the country with not much more than the clothes on their back, at the height of the pandemic and just after a ‘ race war’, is the epitome of stupidity and it will probably clarify why the Democrats experience great losses in the 2022 mid-term elections, should the United States still remain a working democracy by then.  

Riccardo Bosi of Sydney One gives a warning that the entire world must hear.

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