March 25, 2023

We are going to Not Comply: Red States Should Offer Sanctuary In order to Businesses, Military & Healthcare Personnel

Biden admin, corporate partners now implementing a blitzkrieg against Americans. The establishment can’t allow people to wake up on vaccines, medical tyranny.

All it requires is one free place to replace the dynamic between the public plus an authoritarian regime. Only one.

Recently has been an extremely busy news cycle and there is a lot to cover, so along with the normal weekly analysis on a single major topic, I am going to start writing shorter synopsis content articles on developing news items happening in real time. I think all of us have noticed a marked and aggressive shift in the vaccine passport agenda being railroaded into existence by the Biden Administration and governments around the world. Remember when they all stated that they were never going to demand forced vaccinations and that the passports  were a “ conspiracy theory” ? Well guess what? We “ conspiracy theorists” were right yet again.

This used to be that we would anticipate a particular agenda or event and it would take a couple years to unfold. Nowadays we make predictions and all it takes is a few weeks or perhaps a few months for them to happen. This particular suggests to me that the establishment and the globalists are on a particular timeline and that for whatever reason they have to get 100% vaccination and the passports in place soon. I believe we have less than a year still left before we see all of them attempt full bore medical tyranny in the US on a level similar to what is happening right now nationwide, or perhaps worse.

I continue to suspect that the reason behind this sudden dive directly into totalitarianism is because there is something wrong with the vaccines themselves and if there are tens of hundreds of thousands or hundreds of millions of unvaccinated people left, then these individuals will act as a manage group. That is to say, they will behave as proof that the vaccines are certainly not safe if things go awry. The establishment can’t enable that.

When i have noted  within past articles , the common vaccine is  examined for 10-15 YEARS   before it is launched for use on human beings. That is to ensure that there are no damaging health side effects that might not become visible until months or years after the initial jab. A particular danger may be the development of  autoimmune disorders and infertility   associated with mRNA and spike protein technology. These debilitating ailments might not be noticed for a couple of years after a population has been given the experimental vax. It was already about a year since the covid vaccines were introduced by emergency authorization, so time is running short for the globalists.

The bottom line is, there has been ZERO long term testing of the covid mRNA vaccines. At least none that has ever been unmasked to the public. There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that the covid vaccines are safe in the long run, they were developed and released within months of the covid outbreak. Yet, the establishment seems hell bent on forcing 100% of individuals to take these untested vaccines against their better judgment. It has been almost a hundred years since we last saw government tyranny on this level, but this time it is virtually all governments around the world acting in unison to implement mass controls on the public, instead of just a small number of nations.

The Biden Administration and its corporate partners are now implementing a blitzkrieg against the American population. Biden’s vaccine executive orders are creating a culture of “ paper’s please” fascism among larger businesses and Big Box retailers. He’s got recently announced that part of the mandates will include fines against businesses that refuse to enforce proof of vaccination on their employees. These fines will range from  $70, 000 to $700, 000 , which could destroy a medium sized company if they actually had to pay.

Medical personnel, primarily in leftist blue states, are now being fired from their positions because they have refused to comply with the vax. This is leaving massive gaps in medical response in places like New York. The unelected governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, claims she has the right to give herself dictatorial powers through executive order, and these powers include deploying National Guard troops to dominate medical duties. If you are familiar with the sordid history of VA hospitals, then you know that you do not want around 90% of military doctors operating on you in any capacity.

Hochul is also raising eyebrows with a recent speech to a church audience in Brooklyn where she claimed that all the “ smart people” have taken the vaccines and that the covid jabs  certainly are a “ gift from God. ”   Her assertion was that if you defy the vaccine mandates, then you are ignoring God.

Gov of NY Now Announces New Covid Religion, Says God Tells you to Take Experimental Shot

This sounds rather familiar. Authoritarians often have a habit of declaring divine providence to justify their oppressive actions. Even Hitler did this, at least initially, holding state sponsored Passion plays and asserting that the Third Reich was the hand of God, until after they had secured an empire and  then Hitler attacked Christianity.   These types of people tend to use religion as a tool to get what they want and then they dump it in the gutter when they are finished with it.

Take into account that none of these mandates are actual “ laws”. Not one of them have been voted on with a legislature or the American people. They are color of law violations of the Constitution and the Costs of Rights and should become defied at every opportunity.  

Furthermore, I have to ask that pesky but logical question once again – If the vaccines actually work as governments claim, then just how are unvaccinated people any kind of threat to vaccinated individuals?   Why would they need “ protection” from all of us? (The reality is that the covid vax does not work so there is absolutely no reason to take it)  But let’s get back to Biden’s criminal trespasses; the list is growing by day…

Let’s take a talk about Biden’s latest attempts to punish US soldiers that refuse the vaccines  with dishonorable release . I’m not sure when Biden knows that a immoral discharge generally requires a demo by court martial in the military, or maybe this is what he actually wants for every solitary person that will not take the vax. In any case, the goal the following is to terrify military users into submission and in to accepting illegal orders. Plus yes, demanding that a jewellry act as a lab rat for an experimental vaccine with no long term data to prove its safety is an unlawful order.

Is actually hard to say yet the actual real stats are, but recent polling suggests that at least 30% of the US military plans to refuse the particular vaccinations, including many people of special operations devices.

All of this over a virus with a tiny median  death rate of 0. 26% ? Simply to force people to take a vaccine that has been proven completely ineffective in countries like Israel where vaccination rates are high? When over 60% of people hospitalized with covid  are fully vaccinated , then what is the idea of the vaccines? It creates no sense unless the purpose was always tyranny and never public safety. So , where does this leave us?

There are larger scale solutions to this problem, you can find peaceful short term solutions, and there are more violent long term solutions. I will be discussing the violent options in my next article, but for now I believe the best path forward is for red states and perhaps even red counties is to offer safe haven or “ asylum” to people who are under attack from these mandates.

Red states could, hypothetically, give financial protection to companies that refuse to comply with federal mandates and refuse to pay the fines. If thousands or tens of thousands of companies simply ignore the passports and the fines, what is Biden likely to do about it? Well, he would have to send people form a federal agency, maybe the IRS, to collect by force. If states and communities stand in their way then there is nothing Biden may do to hurt businesses that believe in freedom.

There is supposedly a shortage of experienced medical staff across the country right now, yet states like New York are firing up to one-third of their hospital workforce. Why not take advantage of their stupidity and offer these trained professionals jobs in red states or red counties? If these people know they have a safe place to go, then this might help give them the courage to continue their resistance.

Finally, I think it’s a no-brainer that red states should offer help for military personnel that are facing discharge for vax refusal. A fight is coming, make no mistake, and free states need as many trained combat veterans on our side as we can get. Being dishonorably discharged makes future employment difficult in many career fields, and we can help these men and women to live normal lives if they make a stand.   States like Kansas   are already taking steps to make this happen.

Conservative states and communities are going to have to step in, take risks and draw a line in the sand right here and now. We can stop this nightmare from gaining any further ground, but we have to act. I and many more are willing to help defend any business or any person that will not comply with the mandates, and state representative can send the same message to Biden by creating safe havens for free people. We need to continue to make it clear that we will not comply.

Riccardo Bosi of Australia One gives a warning that the whole world needs to hear.

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