March 30, 2023

Fauci Says He Will Never Step down Over COVID Controversies

“No, completely, unequivocally, no . “

White House health agent Dr . Anthony Fauci made it clear he has absolutely no intention of resigning from his position despite the controversial standing with the community, dismissing critics as conspiracy theorists.

Appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program, Fauci has been asked if he could watch himself resigning if he or she caused  “ more harm than good. ”  

“ No, absolutely, unequivocally, no, ”   Fauci replied.  

The contagious disease expert then proceeded to go after Hewitt and other experts on a variety of  “ controversies”   related to their own medical advice, as well as that of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“ We have been dealing with an evolving situation, ”   Fauci said with one point, echoing the defense he’s presented just for himself in the past. He added that examples of his guidance changing – such as being against masks early in the pandemic – can be chalked up to changing data impacting on his perspective.

Critics have argued Fauci presents too much information because solid fact, only to seemingly backtrack later, citing brand new data, on issues like masks and theories in regards to the virus’ origins.  

Hewitt stuck in order to his argument, saying Fauci is an  “ impediment”   to public into the declaring that people  “ won’t listen”   to him.

Latest polling has shown trust in Fauci and the current administration in regards to Covid-19 is falling, especially among Republicans.

Asked again if he could see himself stepping aside and accepting that he are unable to properly communicate for his job, Fauci remained rebellious and dismissed his experts as being conspiracy theorists as well hung up on  “ flip-flopping. ”

“ I just completely disagree with that premise, because there are an awful lot of people who do pay attention, who do the right thing from a public health perspective, ”   he stated.   “ So since there are a lot of people who have ideas about conspiracies and changing thoughts and flip-flopping, that’s not a reason to step down. Certainly not. ”

After Hewitt suggested that a few could be refusing to get the shot because of their lack of trust in Fauci, the doctor  “ rejected”   that idea  “ completely. ”  

“ That is absurd, ”   he said, accusing the host of  “ creating a false narrative. ”

Over 55% of the US’ overall population has been fully vaccinated thus far, according to data tracking from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and over 66% of adults are. Over 77% of US adults have had one or more dose of a vaccine.  

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