March 29, 2023

Nevertheless Not Convinced You Need to Be Vaxxed?

This song and dance through Stephen Colbert’s show featuring men in drag ought to convince you…

This is a clip from this deeply disturbing segment titled, “ The Vax-Scene – The Box Set, ” that was originally published on Jun 20, 2021:

“ Mister. Sandman, please get the jab, ” read the lyrics to another song and dance showcased in the show. “ That it is safe! It’s made by scientists in a lab. I can’t endure this quarantine, so Mister. Sandman, please get the vaccine! ”

Exactly how mentally disturbed does one have to be to find this entertaining?

This should  go into a time capsule   so long term generations can see just how insane our society became.  

YouTube has announced new policies that competitor the imagined tyranny from 1984. YouTube will now censor any information they deem “ false” about the COVID vaccine.

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