March 30, 2023

Regard to outspoken Marine Stuart Scheller – He’s Right to Question the Dismal Management of the US Military

“People are annoyed because their senior market leaders let them down and none of them are raising their hands and accepting responsibility and saying we messed this up. “

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller now sits in the brig for violating a gag order in a video that will questioned the leaders of the US military in Afghanistan.

Some may question their loyalty, but he has outlined issues that need addressing.

One of my favorite ranges from the classic American football film  ‘ Remember the Titans’   comprises only three words and phrases.   “ Attitude reflects leadership. ”   The United States military might do well to remember this, due to the fact as of now it is in a enormous pickle.    

After a poor defense of woke ideology,   targeting   Tucker Carlson and the humiliating pullout of Afghanistan, there are various questions that Americans possess regarding our military’s management. And apparently, there are people within our military forces that will feel the same way. Enter Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who has been in the Marine soldires for 17 years plus decided to speak up about some of the issues facing the military in a video that will went viral on social networking.  

Within the video, Scheller was crucial of senior military frontrunners following the attack in Kabul in August that slain 13 US service members, including a number of Marines.   “ People are upset because their senior market leaders let them down and not one of them are raising their hands and accepting responsibility plus saying we messed this particular up, ”   said Scheller. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and General Mark Milley, chair from the Joint Chiefs of Personnel, were singled out.

Scheller disobeyed a fun order that was put on officers, and as a result, is now in the brig. According to  The particular Washington Post , he hasn’t been charged with everything yet, but stands charged of showing contempt toward officials, willfully disobeying a superior officer, failing to obey lawful orders and committing conduct unbecoming of an official.  

Within asking for accountability for so what happened so publicly, Scheller unquestionably breached the gag purchase. Some will argue he could be deserving of whatever fate is justa round the corner. But on the other hand, there are millions of People in america who feel the exact same way he does. Just because Scheller is a lieutenant colonel within the Marine Corps, should he or she really just shut up and go along with bad orders? So , yes, he disobeyed – but I would argue his intervention was warranted and his attitude is reflective of the bad leadership at the top.

The fact from the matter is that all these issues with our forces have coincided with President Joe Biden taking over, and as a result, the army now stands at a crossroads. On one hand, we have the route how the current military leadership evidently wants to go down, following the mantra of the Biden administration plus becoming more progressive. And on the other hand, there are those inside the military – and those beyond it – that want our military to concentrate on becoming an actual fighting force that is trained from the get-go to win wars.  

What’s ultimately ironic about all of this is that it seems like the current leadership doesn’t even realize the fork within the road is even presently there. They have blinders on, and appear completely ignorant to the issues. And if anyone dares to speak out, they either combat them on social media marketing like they did with Tucker Carlson, or secure them in the brig like Stu Scheller. This isn’t the way that our military should be performing.

In a sense, this divide can be symbolic of the United States as a whole. Back in 2018, former top UFC middleweight contender and Military Ranger Tim Kennedy lamented how many Americans  couldn’t get into the military  because we’re just that a lot more sedentary than we was once. As a people, we’re getting complacent. That complacency stimulates situations like this, where we have apparently lost our sense of purpose. In many ways, deficiency of direction that has engulfed the particular military epitomizes this.

The US military and those in charge of it need to take the particular blinders off. They need to look at what’s around them, and find out that their actions are usually causing many people to issue why exactly the leadership sucks. The difference between them and Stu Schellar is that he was willing to sacrifice everything to bring it to the attention of Americans. Because of poor leadership, a good Marine has had to give up his career… just to be considered a good American.  

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