March 29, 2023

Vatican to Punish Employees Who have Refuse to Comply With COVID-19 Qualification

No jab, no salary.

The Vatican is set to punish employees whom refuse to comply with COVID-19 qualification by not paying all of them.

Indeed, really.

Vatican staffers who are unable to demonstrate they’d been jabbed or who refuse to pay for expensive negative COVID tests will be considered “ unjustly absent” and paid no salary.

The new guidelines will go into force through October 1st onwards.

As we highlighted a week ago, the Italian government has additionally passed a decree signing up to both the private and community sector ordering companies in order to withhold pay from employees who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Individuals found working without the complete face fines of up to € 1, 500 euros right after it was extended as a problem of entry for museums, stadiums, pubs, restaurants, and schools.

The particular unvaccinated were also banned from using long distance public transport, meaning that holidays, travel meant for work and visiting relatives has become impossible for many.

A sliver great news is that Italians carry on and hit the streets in order to protest the measures, with one video showing police officers removing their helmets in solidarity with the demonstrators.

In spite of many Christians asserting a religious exemption to the vaccination, the Vatican itself is providing no such workaround.

Pope Francis has become a vehement supporter of the bulk vaccination program, asserting that will humanity “ has a good friendship with vaccines. ”

“ The particular Vatican has said that it looks at it acceptable for Catholics to use vaccines, even those that use stem cell ranges from aborted fetuses in their research, ” reports the Mail .

Wow, therefore Christian!

Once we highlight in the video beneath, by promoting vaccines and by proxy vaccine passports, the Pope is literally helping to grease the skids for exactly what many fear could eventually turn into a ‘ Mark from the Beast’ system that will need total compliance in order to buy or sell.

And that’s faraway from his only anti-Christian place.

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