March 29, 2023

VIDEO: Tucker Talks To Attorney Of Imprisoned Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Thrown In Brig For Criticizing Biden Withdrawal

“They not only told him in order to shut up, [but] when he didn’t shut up they put your pet in jail, ” Scheller’s attorney Tony Buzbee mentioned.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed the attorney of imprisoned Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who was thrown into the brig right after publicly criticizing how the U. S. military mismanaged the withdrawal from Afghanistan purchased by Democrat President May well Biden. Scheller has not been billed with any crime in spite of being held in jail at the time of publication.

“ So that’s the man you want serving in a person officer corps in a serious country, ” Carlson mentioned. “ A person who requires his job seriously, who’s patriotic, who’s honest. Which demands accountability. And before you say, “ It’s the army, they don’t have free talk, you’re not allowed to give a political statement, ‘ two points: One, that was not a politics statement, and two, the contrast of openly partisan political statements from the leaders of the Pentagon. ”

Carlson continued, “ Mark Milley was openly thrilled by the election of Joe Biden. Was he punished for that/ Simply no, he was elevated, and again, Congress just rewarded him and the entire leadership of the U. S. army with 24 extra billion dollars. But Stu Scheller, for telling the truth? Well, here’s what happened to him. ”

The particular host then detailed the various punishments forced on Scheller, such as being forced to undergo a psychological evaluation and getting thrown into prison. Talking with Carlson, Scheller’s attorney Tony a2z Buzbee stated, “ I will tell you what’s more infuriating, is that today we had testimony in the Senate where uh, they tried to make the case that this withdrawal was an functional success. it’s not, of course , profitable to the 13 families who have lost their loved ones, and when someone tried to speak out and say ‘ Look, we we could have done this much better; we owed those marine corps and sailors and army better than that, ‘ they not only told him to shut up, [but] when he didn’t shut up they put him in jail. ”

Buzbee added, “ People are just coming together from all over the United States, the Tube Hitter organization has elevated already $200, 000 for his defense, this is incorrect and will not stand. ”

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