March 25, 2023

Vote: Majority Of Americans Prefer Trump Border Policy To Biden Open Door

Only one third believe Biden’s boundary strategy is superior

Only one third of Americans believe that Joe Biden’s border strategy is superior to that of the particular Trump administration, according to a brand new poll, with the majority choosing not to have an open doorway immigration policy.

The Rasmussen poll discovered that 51 percent of voters prefer the way it was under Trump, with only thirty-two percent saying it is now much better at the border under Biden.

The vote also bizarrely found that will 11 percent believe the policies have the same efficacy.

The survey also revealed that the majority feel it is a “ bad decision” to release some 15, 500 Haitian migrants into the ALL OF US.

As we noted earlier this week, DHS Secretary Mayorkas  admitted that the migrants were simply allowed to enter the country, with many likely never to attend follow up asylum hearings.

Mayorkas declared that this flood of illegal migrants at the border, and the subsequent release of thousands of them into the U. S. is “ one of our proudest traditions. ”

Fox News host Philip Wallace asked why the particular Biden administration hasn’t erected a “ wall or even a fence” in response to the problems.

Mayorkas responded “ It is the policy of this administration: we do not go along with the building of the wall. ”

When asked exactly how many migrants came into the U. S. in the latest wave, Mayorkas said “ I think it’s regarding ten thousand or so, 12 thousand, ”   incorporating “ It could be even higher. The number that are returned might be even higher. What we do is we follow the regulation as Congress has handed it. ”

Wallace also noted that almost half of the migrants are never seen again, faltering to appear at asylum  court hearings.

“ There are more than 11 million people in this country unlawfully. Clearly, despite your best attempts, millions of people end up in this nation and don’t – just vanish, ”   Wallace observed.


In addition , while a large number of undocumented migrants have been released into the country unvaccinated, Mayorkas is set to FIRE border patrol agents who do not get the shots.

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