March 29, 2023

Congress Plays Baseball While Us citizens Lose Jobs Over Shot Mandates

Very poor optics simply by Congress

While Americans are getting fired for not taking a Covid-19 vaccine, Congress simply finished playing a game associated with baseball.

Around 600 workers are facing end of contract at United Airlines for not taking a Covid shot, for example.

Meanwhile, Democrat and Conservative congress members were playing a friendly Congressional Baseball Online game, with GOP Rep. Greg Steube winning the game simply by hitting a home run.

This, of course , led to mass criticism on the comment sections of news sites, with individuals pointing out that many People in america are backed into a part with nothing else to lose in today’s political climate.

“ Debt ceiling? Bulk citizenship? Vax mandates? Pumpiing? Invasion at the border? Us citizens still in Afghanistan? Cina reverse engineering more military equipment? Congressman voting independently raises? Deceit from Fauxi and General Lilly? ” Asked one commenter in news reports aggregate site Citizen Free Press, pointing out the issues facing the country.

“ 21st century version from the European aristocracy skipping around in white tights to the polo grounds, ” wrote another commenter. “ Quit pretending like this is a warm hearted celebration of American culture because these are the extremely people destroying it, or in the case of the GOP, reverentially watching their DNC co-workers do it. ”

At least Steube was wearing a ‘ Save America’ hat during the game, but general the optics were horrible; they reinforced the see that Congress is completely out-of-touch with the rest of society.

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