March 29, 2023

Watch: Tucker Exposes The Left’s Unhealthy Infatuation With Authoritarianism

“Turns out if you hurt individuals enough, they will do what you say, ” Carlson noted.

Tucker Carlson’s Wed night opening monologue had been must-see television, the Fox host detailing how the left has become increasingly hostile for their fellow Americans and sympathetic to the Democrat party’s totalitarianism.

Starting the segment, Carlson observed a small portion of the $3. 5 trillion “ budget getting back together bill” that will essentially permit the Biden administration to “ bankrupt any company that will not comply with  Joe Biden’s   shot mandate. ”

“ Come with an unvaccinated worker in your office? ” Tucker asked. “ The fine for that is going to be $700, 000, payable to the U. S. treasury, for every and every one of those workers. Even by Washington’s standards, that’s a lot of money. Here’s a comparison: In June, by comparison, the federal government punished a chemical company in West Virginia, after its plant exploded, killing one particular employee and sending 2 others to the hospital. The particular fine, in that case, was $12, 288 dollars. ”

Carlson argued that, according to the Biden administration, “ Killing people in a chemical substance plant explosion is poor. Twelve thousand dollars bad. But failing to get a Biden-mandated  COVID   vaccine — even if might already recovered from COVID and have natural immunity that is more powerful than any shot — that’s much, a lot worse. How much worse? It really is 58 times worse than killing people in a chemical plant explosion. ”

Next, the “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” web host focused on Iowa Democratic  Representative. Cindy Axne after the girl referred to her constituents because “ anti-vaxxer crazies”   and claimed the “ Christian right” uses Covid “ like a weapon. ”

“ The  Christians  are weaponizing it… ” Carlson said, mocking the politician. “ Notice all the abortion clinics these people closed? Oh no, it was Democratic politicians who shut all the churches, actually, speaking of weaponizing public health. ”

Another Liberal politician, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, promoted the society where unvaccinated citizens can’t even work, spend rent or pay for meals.

“ Therefore , now someone is literally taking a look at the possibility they won’t have a paycheck for a prolonged period of time. They might even lose their work, ultimately, ” the mayor threatened.

Responding to the de Blasio estimate, Carlson jested, “ Oh yea, we’ll take your paycheck away. Punch you in the face, deprive you to death, we’ll pummelled your kids. Turns out if you hurt people enough, they will do exactly what you say. So that obviously works. Bill  De Blasio   will be clearly a moron, yet even he understands that. And it does work. ”

One example of the government’s strongarm tactics working is American Airlines firing almost six hundred unvaccinated employees to avoid paying out tens of millions of dollars in fees.

In addition to shedding their livelihoods, those who are ended over vaccine status are unable to get unemployment and no longer have health insurance.

Hospitals around the nation will also be firing thousands of nurses and staff for refusing to take the experimental jabs.

This is being done to Americans in the name of wellness?

“ Keep in mind, this is a public health turmoil we’re living through, ” Tucker told his viewers. “ So maybe we should not empty the hospitals of their seasoned employees. There was already nationwide a severe shortage of nurses. Hospitals are closing wings because there’s no one to staff them. Presently there are fewer people. Nothing of the people who’ve been fired will be able to collect unemployment by the way. They’re done. They’re destroyed. They aren’t just reprimanded, they’re crushed. ”

In New York, the governor says she will pull in National Guard troops to fill the vacancies remaining by the 83, 000 healthcare workers in the state that remain unvaccinated.

Carlson noted, “ Incidentally, once again,   why precisely are these healthcare employees, thousands of them nationwide, neglecting the COVID vaccine? Which is an entirely fair question, and no one is asking it. It might be worth finding out. You can’t say they don’t understand the science. They might know about COVID and healthcare even than your typical Democratic governor, considering that’s what they do for a living. These people treat people with COVID everyday. It’s not like they’re uninformed. What is this exactly? It’s not some individuals. It’s thousands of people. ”

As unvaccinated U. S. citizens are usually punished by the Biden routine, record numbers of illegal migrants are pouring across the the southern part of border.

Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted 20% of the individuals coming into the nation illegally are carrying mysterious illnesses.

“ Ok, so we’re shooting healthcare workers because they will not likely get the vaccine, then allowing in thousands of people in whose identities we can’t confirm, who are sick with illnesses we can’t always identify – including COVID – none of them are required to get the shot, in contrast with the nurses all of us just fired, ” Tucker continued.

It is truly astonishing to see how quickly healthcare employees went from being labeled “ heroes” by Biden to being fired from their jobs thanks to Democrat procedures.

Unvaccinated Edge Patrol agents are rumored to be next on the chopping block.

Soon, every major workforce in America will be occupied by obedient, vaccinated individuals who will be easier to convince the unvaccinated are their enemies.

What will happen after each teacher, nurse, doctor, police officer, border agent, military member, etc . is a servant towards the state?

Find out what the CDC has in store for unvaccinated Americans.

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