March 25, 2023

Wikipedia Co-Founder Says Online Encyclopedia is Now Largely Just “Leftist Propaganda”

Used as a tool in order to demonize contrarians and anyone on the right.

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has blasted the site for its slide into “ leftist propaganda, ” accusing it of long since abandoning impartiality and simply becoming an amplifier pertaining to mainstream news narratives.

Sanger co-founded Wikipedia with with Jimmy Wales in 2001.

During an interview with the Epoch Times, Sanger mentioned that the online encyclopedia started with noble intentions yet is now just another tool to demonize people who challenge the consensus.

“ Wikipedia made a real hard work at neutrality for, I might say, its first five years or so, ” mentioned Sanger, adding, “ Then … it began a long, slow slide into the things i would call leftist propaganda. ”

Wikipedia is run by close to 125, 000 volunteer editors, the vast majority of whom are leftists, with a further 1, 500 administrators who enjoy exclusive privileges to block others who go against the materials.

Sanger explained how Wikipedia now acts not just to skew details, but to viciously demonize anyone on the right or even anyone deemed to be a “ contrarian. ”

Wikipedia “ casts them as conspiracy theorists, is much right or whatever, whenever they and their friends and people who know them well would never describe them in that way, ” Sanger said.

Right after banning sources such as Fox News or the Daily Email, Wikipedia now relies nearly entirely on far-left stores and legacy media sources to determine truth.

“ More recently, they’ve gotten rid of almost all conservative information sources as sources for articles, ” he mentioned

“ Therefore as the news media has moved, and as the establishment, frankly, has shifted more left or to the left, the information of Wikipedia has implemented suit. ”

As we previously highlighted , a perfect sort of Wikipedia’s extreme political bias was evident when the website’s editors deliberately sought to bury links between convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton.

The fact that Clinton flew on Epstein’s ‘ Lolita Express’ private jet a minimum of 26 times, which was documented by the media multiple times in 2016, disappeared from Wikipedia before it was added back in after an outcry.

Editors also sought to scrub any of Epstein’s links to Clinton while amplifying his links in order to Donald Trump, which were less direct and less harming.

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