Finland to Start Vaccinating Fur Farm Animals Against COVID

“A booster vaccine will also be required, ” officials say

Finland is set to vaccinate fur farm animals against COVID-19.

The Finnish Breeders’ Association (FIFUR) will start vaccinating mink against coronavirus within the coming weeks, after receiving a conditional license by the Finnish Food Authority.

“ The Finnish hair industry will be the first EUROPEAN operator to vaccinate animals against coronavirus, ” FIFUR CEO Marja Tiura  said   within statement.

FurcoVac, the vaccine in question, was developed by a research team at the University of Helsinki and tested at a fur plantation in Kannus, Central Ostrobothnia. It has been classed as an experimental vaccine and has been given a conditional license, although not a trade permit.

According to FIFUR research director Jussi Peura, FurcoVac utilises the same raw materials required to produce the vaccines utilized in humans, which resulted in difficulties in the manufacturing process.

“ We have sufficient vaccine doses to vaccinate all Finnish breeding mink twice. A booster vaccine will also be needed, ” Peura said.

For each the research director, skinning in the Kannus fur farm is because of begin in the next few weeks, after which it they can begin vaccinating the remaining breeder animals. So far, half a million doses of vaccine have been set aside for the procedure.

Unlike the Nordic peers, Finland has seen no recorded cases of coronavirus infections within mink at its facilities. By contrast, farms in other EUROPEAN countries, including Denmark, holland, and Spain, slaughtered millions of mink to prevent the infection from spreading to humans and contributing to the mutation procedure. Denmark in particular culled fifteen million mink and recently prolonged its ban on mink farming, angering an industry that used to be one of the tour’s major producers.

Mink farms were formerly labelled a big risk more challenging to manage than the epidemic plus were described as “ huge reservoirs of susceptible hosts” by University College London geneticist Francois Balloux.

Last year, Russia authorized the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine for animals. Carnivac-Cov is geared toward fur animals, cats, and dogs. Mink vaccinated with Carnivac-Cov at the beginning of this year successfully transferred defenses to their cubs, the Russian Service for Veterinary plus Phytosanitary Surveillance said recording.

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