Hospitals struggle with staff shortages after vaccine passport mandates

Driving staff to show vaccine given has reduced the number of personnel by up to 20% in certain US hospitals.

COVID vaccine passports are being used by governments all over the world to improve vaccination rates and motivate more people to receive the shot.

As would be expected, the end result has been an increased proportion associated with employees quitting their job opportunities rather than being compelled to demonstrate a vaccine passport to be able to work.

Especially, hospital staff shortages have become more prevalent across the country as unvaccinated workers are choosing to leave their employment after the  Biden administration required that the approximately 17 million workers in health organizations   that receive federal Medicare or Medical planning funding have to show a vaccine passport or lose their jobs.

As a result of this, departments of hospitals are closing or reducing healthcare services due to staff shortages caused by the mandates.

With hospitals already stretched slim, the sudden drop in workforce is the difference between some services being halted or discontinued due to a lack of manpower.

This week Merck announced a new “ COVID pill” to treat COVID, while they attack the effectiveness of another medication they manufacture… Ivermectin.

Due to a staffing requirementws deficit caused by personnel giving up over vaccine regulations, a minumum of one hospital in upstate  New York   has had to halt maternity treatment and deliveries.

Furthermore, hospital rooms aren’t getting clean sheets and the cafeteria can’t provide hot food due to a staffing deficit in at least one scenario.

Another report from  Indiana   describes a situation similar to that in North Carolina and New York, along with healthcare personnel departing to flee obligatory vaccination.

Moreover,   KCBD   reports that will Brownfield Regional Medical Center within Texas may have to close when the federal vaccine mandate is usually enforced because of the large number of workers who could resign.

Jerry Jasper, The particular CEO at Brownfield Regional Medical Center stated to KCBD that “ Probably twenty to 25 percent of the staff will have to go away if that’s the case. ”

An additional CEO, Gerald Cayer from the Lewis County Health Program expressed hope that this is a transitory issue as he works with the state Department of Health to prevent the maternity unit from permanently closing since six of the hospital’s maternal unit employees resigned to avoid receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

“ There are 165 hospital employees that have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, which is 27% of the workforce, the other 73%, or even 464 employees, have already received the vaccine. If we can pause the service and today focus on recruiting nurses who are vaccinated, we will be able to lso are engage in delivering babies here in Lewis County, ” he said.

In addition , a representative of Indiana College Health, Indiana’s largest medical center system with over thirty thousand employees, told Newsweek that “ 125 workers, the equivalent of 61 full-time workers, chose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and have left the organization. ”

The situation will likely become more acute within the coming months when an increasing number of mandates take impact this month and in Nov.

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