March 30, 2023

Judge Says DOJ Treated BLM Rioters Better Than Capitol Protesters

“US Attorney’s Workplace would have more credibility if this was even-handed in its issue about riots and mobs in the city, ” states Judge Trevor McFadden.

A federal judge called out the Department of Justice’s harsh treatment of the particular January 6 protesters, declaring the agency hasn’t been “ even-handed” compared to how it handled the nationwide 2020 riots following the death of George Floyd.

District Judge Trevor McFadden stated Friday that he believes the Justice Department is demonstrating a two-tiered approach to law enforcement: preferential treatment for Black Lives Matter rioters but harsh treatment for the largely nonviolent J6 protesters.

“ The US Attorney’s Office might have more credibility if it has been even-handed in its concern about riots and mobs within the city, ” McFadden stated at a sentencing hearing for one of the Capitol rioters, citing complaints DC Mayor Muriel Bowser made in 2020  which the DOJ was reluctant to charge BLM rioters in the city.

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McFadden brought up the BLM riots while sentencing Danielle Doyle, an ex employee of the Oklahoma City Oklahoma city basketball team, for protesting at the Capitol.

“ You were acting such as those looters and rioters who attacked our city last year, ” McFadden informed her.

“ … You participated in a shameful event, a national humiliation that, like last year’s riots , made us feel much less safe and less self-confident that our country could be ruled by democratic values instead of mob rule. ”

The Associated Push attempted to refute McFadden’s argument, claiming hundreds of BLM rioters were given “ substantial” sentences.

“ The Associated Press examined more than 300 criminal cases stemming from the protests incited by Floyd’s murder, displaying that many leftist rioters acquired received substantial sentences, rebutting the argument that pro-Trump defendants were treated a lot more harshly than Black Life Matter protesters, ” AP reported.

But AP failed to mention that hundreds more BLM rioters who were arrested had their charges decreased completely.

Additionally , none of them were subjected to solo confinement or even other heavy-handed punitive actions by the DOJ like the J6 protesters have been.

Owen Shroyer guest serves The Alex Jones Show to break down the Jan 6th show trial that is being utilized to weaponize the proper rights department against those that might stand up to and oppose the globalist organization .

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