March 30, 2023

Maher: Dems Used COVID in order to Push Spending They ‘Always Wanted’ – It’s Like ‘Never Let a Crisis Visit Waste’

“We noticed how the Republicans did it when 9/11 happened. “

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “ Real Time, ” host Expenses Maher discussed the spending bills before Congress and said Democrats used coronavirus to push spending they will “ always wanted to” do, and “ they have sort of like the theory, never ever let a crisis go to waste. ”

While discussing the introduction of the concept that trillions of dollars in spending won’t have negative financial implications, Maher said, “ I feel like COVID changed that. You remember that excellent book, ‘ Shock Doctrine’ by Naomi Klein? And it’s sort of like the theory, by no means let a crisis go to waste materials. We saw how the Conservatives did it when 9/11 happened. It was like, oh, well, we’ve always wanted to get into Iraq again. … And am feel like this is kind of the actual other side did along with COVID. I mean, they always wanted to send more inspections to people who have kids. ”

Alex Jones breaks down the clips of delusional pro-abortionists protesting Texas’ prohibit while claiming men might have abortions too.

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