March 25, 2023

Within a Civil War The Severe Left Would Be Easily Defeated – But It Won’t Finish There

Thorough breakdown eyes UN involvement, not America’s average Marxist Leftists

There are a lot of assumptions and misconceptions when it comes to the idea of a second civil war within the US.

What I discover most often is the argument the political left has “ already won” the war without firing a shot which a rebellion would be smashed under the heel of a newly a-wokened military industrial complex and a leftist controlled federal government. The problem is, this argument is extremely naive and ignores the larger picture.

I think there are a couple of reasons why particular people press the leftist supremacy theory: First, they will greatly fear the idea of the kinetic war breaking out there and find the idea of combat resilient. So , they act as in case a shooting war cannot actually be won. They hide their fear behind a veil of “ rationalism” and thin hopes of a completely passive resistance. They will figure that if they can’t fight and win, then nobody else can fight plus win.

2nd, the motives of some of these people are more nefarious than fearful. One of the primary functions of 4 th   Generation (psychological) warfare is to convince the target population that “ resistance is futile. ” If you can make them believe that winning is impossible then they might not fight at all, and thus the prophecy is self satisfying.

Luckily this technique of propaganda does not seem to be working on a large number of Americans. Nevertheless, there are many layers to the scenario of civil war. As the extreme cultism of leftists is relegated to a little percentage of the population, these are supported by almost every main institution in our nation. The federal government supports and protects them. Some state and nearby governments support and secure them. The mainstream media avidly sings their good remarks. Most corporations and Huge Tech platforms support all of them and spread social justice doctrine along with them. Plus, all globalist foundations assistance, organize and even fund them.

All the people that the political left used to consider evil are now on the side. This gives their little cult unprecedented social strength and a number of political weapons to use when they desire to endanger or harm people who differ with them. For now, most of this power is actually used to terrify other people on the left.

There are many moderate democrats that have a distaste for your lunacy of social justice warriors, but they are so afraid of being labeled heretics, racists, fascists, etc . that they maintain their mouths shut or support draconian policies simply because they think they have to in order to protect their political team. Limp-wristed moderates and old school democrats that go along to get along are almost as large a problem as hardcore leftists because they don’t have the courage to stand up to the bullies in their own political sectors.

This is how all of us end up with around  half the country   in support of vaccine passport mandates, a totalitarian agenda which would give government complete control over the health decisions of individual Us citizens, complete control over how businesses operate and who they are permitted to hire, not to mention complete control of the economic participation of the average citizen. Vaccine passports are the ULTIMATE POWER within the hands of government to decide the life and death of people and their families. And, not surprisingly, the political left and democrats are by far the greatest group backing the government as well as the globalists on this agenda.

This places our own nation in a difficult placement; the political left desperately wants to control the lifestyles of others while conservatives and a few moderates just want to be left alone. We are at an impasse. We cannot share the same spaces, we cannot discuss the same government and we may not even be able to share the same land mass.

The ideals are mutually unique. We believe in freedom and individual responsibility and they just do not.

Make no mistake, an downright conflict is coming in the united states and the people in option media circles that fearfulness it need to come to terms with that fear and accept the inevitability of war. The sooner they do this the sooner they can take action to mitigate destruction to their families and neighborhoods. There will come a day very soon whenever you will have to defend your freedoms and the freedoms of future generations with your life. Accept the suck and move on.

In latest articles I have outlined tranquil steps that can be taken by traditional states and counties in order to combat the establishment’s tyrannical medical mandates as well as Essential Race Theory propaganda as well as other trespasses against free considering people. These steps include  offering sanctuary   to people and businesses that are under attack by the federal government for non-compliance, as well as the tips states need to take to go after soft secession (Read our article  ‘ Just how States And Communities Can Fight Back Against Biden’s Covid Tyranny’ ).

Breaking away from the particular political left and starting fresh is socially and economically possible. It’s not since far fetched as some people believe. But then again, authoritarians generally can; t stand the idea of letting people just leave and separate. They have a desperate need to micromanage plus dominate EVERYONE. I hold out very little hope that leftists or globalists will allow all of us to live in peace; they are going to try to force their ideology on us at the barrel or clip of a gun.

When it comes down to average leftists, their movement is a papers tiger, a mirage. In case of civil war the political left in the US would be effortlessly annihilated. There are some that claim otherwise, and these are the regular claims they usually make:

A Woke Military? Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves…

The primary paranoia over conflict with leftists is the new woke propaganda being distribute by the Department of Defense in the form of military recruitment advertisements. Firstly, as I outlined in more detail in my article  ‘ There Will Never Be A Woke US Military – Listed below are The Reasons Why’,   polling of military workers shows around 30% recognize as Republican and 40% identify as Independent, using the majority of the independents becoming Libertarians and Constitutionalists. Quite simply 70% of the US military leans conservative in their principles.

The military brass going woke is meaningless if the majority of soldiers are not going to follow them into battle to oppress their own people. We are seeing this already in terms of the current providing that are refusing to take the particular experimental covid vaccines. Polling in the summer suggested that  at least 50% of troops   would refuse to take the mRNA vax. The particular DoD claims that a minimum of 70% of soldiers are actually vaccinated but this is unconfirmed and probably an exaggeration designed to manufacture a fake consensus. We will soon understand the real stats because the Biden Administration is  harmful “ dishonorable discharges”   for soldiers that refuse to comply.

The assertion here is that with freedom minded individuals leaving the services in droves, this opens the door to a fully woke military of the far left. This presupposes that woke leftists actually want to join the military or that they are capable of meeting the particular bare minimum standards. They are not.

Over 75% of Americans ages 18-24  are ineligible for the ALL OF US military   due to lack of education, obesity, actual problems, psychological problems plus criminal history. This negates 24 million people from the thirty four million in this age range meant for recruitment. Since 70% of the military is conservative/libertarian, which means that either more young very conservative are healthy enough to the recruitment phase, or even, far more conservatives are interested within volunteering; or it could be both factors combined.

Sure, the DoD could drastically lower their recruitment standards, but then they would possess a woke gaggle of weaklings as a fighting force. This particular only works in our favor.

In any case, simply because 30%-50% of soldiers keep in the face of the vaccine mandates, this does not mean that the void will be filled simply by leftists. In fact , it is likely that the void will not be filled at all and the military will be left to stagnate as recruitment collapses. The pool associated with talent is already small and the DoD just shrank their particular options by at least 30% more.

To summarize, there will never be a woke US military. The institution would collapse before it ever reached such a “ lofty” goal. Biden’s vaccine mandates are in a way extremely beneficial for conservatives and independence advocates, because they are forcing the present serving off the fence. Soldiers will now need to consider exactly what liberties they are willing to break just to stay in the military, because it’s not going to stop using a couple forced vaccinations, it can escalate. We may see a substantial influx of discharged soldiers joining the liberty movement in the near future because of Biden’s totalitarian behaviors.

Yet lets say that Biden is certainly hypothetically able to muster a combined force of alphabet agencies and portions from the military into an army of jackboots to suppress the people, what about all the technology and weaponry they would have available? Well, superior technology failed to help the military much in the war in Afghanistan, and American civilians have access to far superior training plus equipment compared to the Taliban. Conventional armies are notoriously fragile against asymmetric warfare techniques. In the end wars are received by people and tactics, not weaponry.

Conservatives Own The Gun Culture And Firearms Instruction

Beyond the military, US gun culture is dominated simply by civilian conservatives. Leftists are slowly beginning to realize that becoming anti-gun is sabotaging their own agendas, and many started purchasing firearms in the past 18 months. Yet owning guns is not exactly the same thing as knowing how to use them. It could take leftist many years, maybe decades to catch up towards the pure knowledge base that will conservatives have when it comes to guns and tactical training. This stuff have been passed down through conservative families for generations. And, again, most combat experienced are also conservative.

This is not to say that there are no leftists out there that are guns proficient. I’m sure there are a few. Several of the time when leftists get together with guns the results are usually either painfully embarrassing or even dangerous. Just  take a look at THIS VIDEO   from Angry Cops within the BLM inspired “ Not really F$%king Around Coalition” (NFAC) group. Not only do they find yourself shooting each other, but their representatives don’t even understand the fundamentals of how their own rifles functionality when they argue that the at fault discharge was the “ gun’s fault. ”

And let’s not forget the great old ‘ John Brownish Gun Club’ and their  rocken’ recruitment movies   that produced us choke on our own tears of laughter a couple of years ago. The leftists are usually shockingly inept when it comes to weapons and combat skills. They are a minimal threat to very conservative if civil war could be the issue.

You Can’t Win If You’re Not Willing To Die For Everything you Believe In

Leftists are adamant regarding their ideologies and they are keenly interested in demanding OTHER people perish for the cause. But , when they are forced to face personal danger to achieve their directives, they are going to usually run. You can see this in the mob confrontation along with Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha; a horde of leftists were perfectly willing to pursue him down with the intention of killing him, nevertheless he turned to fight and some of them got shot (including Joseph Rosenbaum,   a convicted pedophile ), the mob’s passion suddenly evaporated.

Why do they run? Because their religious fervor for Marxism is an behave. It’s not real. Deep straight down, they don’t even believe in what they are doing, and this is what sets apart freedom fighters from all other armed forces. We accept the possibility of death and fight in the face of overwhelming odds because the goal of freedom is worth it. Most authoritarians and helpful idiots, when faced with about to die for their ideology, will forego the cause. They have entered the fight with a built-in disadvantage.

The Real Fight Will Not Be With Average Marxist Leftists

Half the says in the US now have some form of anti-mandate laws or executive orders in place. Half the country is vehemently against the vaccine given. If Biden continues in the current path, a soft secession of red states will begin and the mandates will be disregarded. This will leave Biden having a handful of options. He will inevitably seek to punish crimson states using economic stress and cutting off government funds, and when that doesn’t work he will have to put shoes on the ground and use Orwellian methods to attack dissidents.

Should civil war erupt (and I’m optimistic at this point that this is unavoidable), leftists will not last long. The majority of veterans and a large portion of the military are not going to fight against their own people, and they may even step in to assist. A large number of police and sheriff’s are also traditional and are unlikely to intervene. So , the question is, who is ready to die for leftists plus their cult? I believe not many.

But , the people behind the leftist movement, the globalist fundamentals that fund them, possess a vested interest in eliminating conservative ideals and heritage. Globalist institutions working with the Biden Administration will surely seek to intervene. They will call us “ white supremacists” even though several conservatives are black plus brown. They will call us evil nationalists, even though there is nothing wrong with a national identity that values freedom. They will say we are “ insurrectionists” although we will be acting in self defense purposes against an authoritarian routine. They will call us terrorists when using terrorist tactics and fake flags against us. And, they will claim that we are far too dangerous to be allowed to preserve our own nation or our very own states.

Their main rationale will probably drop to the US nuclear menu. They will claim that a country of terrorists cannot be permitted to possess nuclear weapons, and at the first sign that Biden (or Kamala) is losing control, there will be a call for UN intervention. Count on this. An international force would be arranged to try to stop us through existing. This is where the REAL combat would begin.

The political left is really a footnote, and while we should still remain vigilant as they drive their agenda it is important to keep in mind that there are much bigger seafood to fry and we need to plan for the next dozen battles, not just the first. How we conduct ourselves from here on may determine whether or not freedom survives for many decades to come.

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