March 25, 2023

Emergency Saturday Broadcast! Pentagon A. I. Confirms Covid Shots Triggering Deadly ADE Within the Vaccinated

Renowned man of science Dr . Richard Fleming appointments Infowars to give a powerful, in-depth PowerPoint presentation exposing can be really happening with Covid-19 and vaccine-induced ADE (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement).

On this crisis Saturday transmission, Alex Jones breaks down the shocking leaked out DoD documents revealing which the COVID injections are not only the particular impetus behind the spike in hospitalizations and fatalities, but are accelerating all of them due to Antibody Dependent Enhancement, a deadly condition in which the mRNA vaccine effects gradually weaken the immune system over time.

The Big Technology purge is here! Follow  Infowars and Alex Jones on other growing platforms   now to remain informed as the information blackout accelerates.

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