March 25, 2023

National School Board Association Demands Biden Give Them FBI Protection From “Terrorist” Parents


The tension between parents and American school-board members has worsened considering that we first reported that members of the boards had been quitting en masse  over “ toxic” mom and dad opposing masks, vaccine mandates and CRT.  

And based on the National School Boards Organization, an organization that represents school board members, the risks of violence breaking out including a parent and a school-board member have intensified so much that the organization is  asking the federal government to start offering security to board members and teachers to protect them from “ terrorist” mother and father.  


The business made its demands inside a letter to President Biden, signed by NSBA Leader Viola Garcia and Temporary Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven. They known as on Biden to personally use his executive expert to mobilize the FBI and other federal agents to guard school officials, according to the  Daily Mail.

“ The National College Boards Association (NSBA) pleasantly asks for federal law enforcement along with other assistance to deal with the developing number of threats of assault and acts of violence occurring across the nation, ”   the letter to Biden begins.

The notice also mentions “ threats of actual acts of violence” ” against school staffers alleging that “ angry mobs” have hindered their ability to hold school board meetings, because of reported outbursts from ‘ extremist’ parents irate over shot and mask mandates being pressured upon their students in order for them to go to school.

California Governor Newsom has done the unthinkable. Disregarding the research. Ignoring the deaths. Ignoring the Doctors and parents that will rise up just like a firestorm in the next few days, days, and months. Newsom has mandated that public college children K-12 must get the ineffective and dangerous Covid vaccination. Newson has set in motion a decree that will make disgraced Governor Cuomo’s Nursing House massacre look like a blip to the radar.

Let’s get this straight:   In an era when school shootings are seen as a constant threat,   these people want protection guards… for the teachers?

“ As these threats and acts of violence have grown to be more prevalent, ”   the org asserts in the note, “ NSBA respectfully asks that a joint cooperation among federal law enforcement companies, state and local law enforcement, and with public school authorities be undertaken to focus on these types of threats. ”

It adds which the threats are “ impacting the delivery of educational services to students and families, ” and also cites several examples of disruptions at school board meetings throughout the country.

All of those other letter mostly pleaded with all the president to put the proper “ safeguards in place” which this is a “ critical time, ” before asking for “ immediate assistance” in the form of federal government agents playing security safeguard.

“ There also must be safeguards in place to protect community schools and dedicated education and learning leaders as they do their own jobs, ‘ the take note asserts, then labeling the outraged parents showing up from school board meetings over the county as right-winged radicals. ”

“ As the dangers grow and news of extremist hate organizations appearing at school board conferences is being reported, this is a vital time for a proactive approach to deal with this difficult problem, ”   the particular statement reads.

Federal resources could help “ investigate, intercept, and stop the current threats and works of violence against our own public school officials. ”

As if to curry favor with the leader, the note goes on to compliment the Biden Administration as well as the president’s “ leadership to end the proliferation of COVID in our communities and our own school districts. ”

The thing is, now that Ca has ordered mandatory vaccination for its students, and other declares are set to follow through, Leader Biden has the perfect reason to authorize something like this particular, if he was so inclined.

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