SNL Ridicules Parents Fighting Against COVID Mandates, CRT in School Board Meetings

Late night comedy show looks for to discredit concerned parents because they don’t have facts to protect radical far-left agenda creeping into schools.

Saturday Night Live premiered its new season with a sketch mocking the concerned parents across America fighting against mask mandates and critical race theory curriculum at local school board meetings.

The skit focused on a meeting  meant to be held over a school district’s authoritarian COVID-19 policy, but soon devolved into a roudy scene of rowdy mom and dad, community members and college students talking nonsensically.

“ My son aren’t play football because they said the vaccine he got wasn’t valid, ” a single parent told school officials during the mock meeting.

“ Okay, well that was probably an error. Which usually vaccine did he receive? ” one of the administrators inquired.

“ He got Mike’s Hard shot! ” the parent told the officials.

Another parent claimed to be angry about CRT but then admitted she didn’t know what critical race theory has been.

“ I’m so mad I am just literally shaking right now. Ignore COVID, the real threat is crucial race theory being taught within our schools, ” another mother or father told the school board. “ My question is, what is it and why am I actually mad about it? ”

This comes after dozens of school board meetings proceeded to go viral when angry mothers and fathers explained their frustration with arbitrary COVID rules and over-the-top anti-white rhetoric trained in the classroom.

Here are just a few examples:

Mom’s Epic Rant Against School Mask Mandate Within Illinois

Mom Calls School Board ‘ Demons’ For Making Children Use Masks; Gets Her Microphone Shut Off

Patriot GOES OFF On San Diego School Board Over Mask Mandate

Mother Damages Board Of Commissioners Along with COVID Tyranny Rant

SNL can be scrambling to discredit these types of concerned parents because the remaining can’t make the argument regarding COVID mandates and CRT with actual facts, because the facts are on the parents’ aspect.

California Chief excutive Newsom has done the unthinkable : ordered the pressured vaccination of every child within the state.

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