March 29, 2023

Whitened People Are “Genetically Defective Descendants of Albino Mutants, ” Says Black History Month Website

The website producing the claim makes money off of taxpayer-funded ads!

White people are “ genetically defective descendants of albino mutants, ” claims a Black History Month website in the UK.

The website, handled by a white man, deleted the comment after The Telegraph reached out for comment, according to media reports.

“ The Dark History Month website, which is linked to a magazine from the same name, is the initial to appear in online looks for Black History Month and has included content by well-known black figures, as well as the leaders of all major political celebrations, ” The Telegraph stated . “ However , it is owned with a private business, controlled by Ian Thomas, an advertising executive, who set it up long after the annual celebration has been established. ”

The statement stirred outrage on social media.

“ The person who runs the web site which published those responses is deliberately trying to wind flow people up interestingly that individual is white. My view is don’t let those type of people divide us that’s their ultimate aim. Decades a reflection on Dark History Month, ” said one netizen.

The website was displaying taxpayer-funded advertisements for UK government organizations such as the Ministry of Defence and the GCHQ.

One agency, the Overhead Prosecution Service, initially decided to pull its ads from the site but then reserved the decision.

As opposed to the US, the UK celebrates Black History Month in October.

The fact that Jones is white also stirred outrage from an activist who helped start the particular UK’s ‘ Black Background Month’ observation in the past due 80s.

“ The whole purpose of Black Background Month is to empower all of us [black people] … I don’t want several white man, or even white-colored woman, playing that role, ” said activist Linda Bellos. “ The taking of ideas, and indeed the taking of people, was performed very successfully by the Uk, it is called enslavement. ”

“ We are not talking about his motives, but I am talking about the outcome. ”

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