Hillary Clinton Says She’s Scared of ‘Minority Rule, ’ Claims Republicans Are Threat to Democracy

Failed presidential candidate urges Democrats to get rid of Senate filibuster

The real issue with the US is the conspiracy-mongering by Republicans, whose hopes of winning elections endanger democracy itself… at least that’s according to former first lady plus failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has struggled to remain in the political limelight right after her 2016 wipeout to Donald Trump in the president election the corporate media extremely favored her to win. Even as a special counsel  indicted   somebody in the law firm representing her campaign for one of the ‘ Russiagate’ conspiracy theories, the girl offered her take on the existing political situation in the US within the pages of the  Atlantic .

In Clinton’s informing, everything has vindicated the girl 1990s claim about a  “ vast right-wing conspiracy”   working against her husband’s presidency, which has just been made worse since simply by social media and Republicans “ exploiting fear and suspicion in a quest to permanently seize political power. ”

The US finds itself in  “ an existential crisis in lots of ways because there’s no doubt in my thoughts that the plan on the other side is to win the presidency once again, whether or not they win the popular election and the Electoral College. As well as the same will be true to take back the Senate, to take back again the House. And anybody exactly who thinks that’s not the most important issue facing our democracy is actually not paying attention, ”   Clinton told the Atlantic’s Jennifer Senior during final week’s festival sponsored by the publication.

“ We are in the middle of a constitutional crisis. It’s like the frog dropped into the water. It’s boiling, ”   Clinton said.

“ People are still arguing about stuff that is important, but not because fundamental as whether or not the democracy will be broken after which taken over. And minority rule will be what we live under, the norm. ”

There is a direct line through what she  “ noticed and tried to describe”   in the 1990s to Trump and his  “ enablers and others”   creating  “ this absolute cauldron of conspiracy and hate and anger and looking for explanations and scapegoats, ”   resulting in the January 6 riot at the ALL OF US Capitol, Clinton argued.

The vast majority of US mass media outlets have sided with the Democrats in describing the particular riot as an  “ insurrection”   against  “ our democracy”   plus denounced lawmakers in Republican states seeking to pass voter integrity laws as racist efforts at  “ voter suppression. ”  

Democrats currently manage the White House and both chambers of Our elected representatives, albeit with razor-thin margins. According to Clinton, however , “ commercial financial interests, ideological and partisan interests, even religious interests”   are working with the Republicans since the 1990s to  “ attempt to inject doubt and to create a loss of confidence in our program, to try to tilt both the monetary and the political balance towards the right. ”

Addressing President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, Clinton said they proved threats function, because they cut through social media conspiracy chatter to make the choice  “ real. ”  

“ There is a reality, and then there is insanity and conspiracy and nuttiness. ”

The girl urged the Democrats to eliminate the Senate filibuster, mainly because Republicans were  “ a political party that does not regard the rule of law, does not even respect the process unless it works for them. ”

The public and the press don’t  “ completely appreciate the determination, the persistent pursuit of power, the design of minority rule that we are watching happen, ”   Clinton argued. As proof, she pointed out she won the popular vote for president but lost the Electoral College because  “ we saw all this stuff online about the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks and the Russians and all sorts of that. ”

She did not mention that the  “ stuff online”   has been traced returning to her campaign, though.

While Clinton’s interview did not make that many surf, it was embraced by the extremely online Democrat ‘ Level of resistance, ‘ who sang praises to her warnings about a  “ slow-motion coup”   supposedly underway.

Others disagreed.  

“ The concept Hillary Clinton of all people stands against some dark political force in this country is obscene, ”   tweeted   Jeff Deist, president of the libertarian Mises Institute.   “ She personifies this. ”

Mike Adams joins Alex Jones in order to expose the particular collapse of society happening as supply chains are usually disrupted and exactly how that fits squarely into the globalist agenda to swoop in and take control.

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