March 25, 2023

‘Not Supposed To Happen’: US Condition With Highest Vaxx Price Sees Record Surge In COVID Cases

More than 69 percent of Vermont’s population continues to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of Sept. 24

Authored by Ivan Pentchoukov via The Epoch Times,

Vermont , the state with the highest  vaccination rate   in the United States, is experiencing a  CCP virus   surge at levels not really seen since the pandemic’s top last winter.

The number of cases in Vermont is at a record degree, hospitalizations are close to the information notched last winter, as well as the state recorded the deadliest day and the second deadliest month of the pandemic within September.

“ I believe it’s clearly frustrating for everyone, ”   Michael Pieciak, the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Financial Regulation who screens CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus statistics for the condition.

More than 69 percent of Vermont’s inhabitants has been fully vaccinated towards COVID-19 as of Sept. twenty-four, according to the  CDC , far above the particular national rate of 56 percent.

The state recorded the highest rate of hospitalizations per one hundred, 000 residents on Sept. 30, breaching a record established on Jan. 31 a year ago. Eight people died from the CCP virus in Vermont on Sept. 13, the best grim total recorded since the outbreak of the virus.

In late August, four of ten situations of COVID-19 in Vermont were among vaccinated people,   according to a letter signed by  ninety employees of the Vermont Health Department, including  state Epidemiologist Patsy Kelso.

Gov. Phil Scott (R) lifted the state of crisis in Vermont in 06 when 80 percent from the population had received at least one shot of the vaccine. He has since indicated he is cautious about reimposing the state of emergency.

“ We can’t be in a perpetual state of emergency, ”   Scott said this week.

The four states which follow Vermont in terms of the highest vaccination rates in the nation are also experiencing alarming signs.

The head of UMass Memorial Health, the largest health system in central  Massachusetts , said recently that regional hospitals had been seeing nearly 20 moments more COVID-19 patients within June and there isn’t an ICU bed to extra. Massachusetts has the fifth-highest vaccination rate in the nation.

In  Connecticut , the second most vaccinated state in the U. S., the legislature recently extended the governor’s emergency capabilities to make it easier to cope with the most recent wave of the pandemic.

On Sept. 22,   Maine , the third most-vaccinated U. S. state, had nearly 90 people in intensive care units, a pandemic top for the state.

Dear Dr . Fauci, make sure you explain…

Footage broadcast upon C-SPAN 2 shows top HHS health officials wargaming how to shift the vaccine manufacturing process from conventional method to mRNA technology.

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