March 25, 2023

Video: Professor Charges UCLA Suspended Him To “Rehabilitate Their Own (Racist) Image”

After he refused to grade black college students more leniently

A professor who claims this individual was suspended for neglecting to grade black college students more leniently has billed that UCLA sidelined him in an effort to offset its own “ horrible reputation for racism. ”

As we reported last year , Accounting lecturer Gordon Klein  was put on leave  after he declined requests to allow black learners to take final exams at a later time as a response to the dying of George Floyd and black lives matter protests.

Klein, that had worked at UCLA for 39 years, replied at the time by noting “ Remember that MLK famously stated that people should not be evaluated in line with the ‘ color of their skin. ‘”

The particular professor later brought case against the university, which is on-going.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Monday, Klein described UCLA’s actions as a “ publicity stop, ” noting “ They will decided they’ve got a horrible popularity for racism, bias, plus instability within the school associated with management where I train, and so they decided that they’d make an example out of me to rehabilitate their own reputation. ”

Klein says he has a “ 100 percent change of prevailing” in the lawsuit so long as this individual gets a fair trial, including “ The irony is definitely they hired me to teach law and ethics to students and guess what? I’m now going to teach them a lesson in law and ethics. ”

Klein noted that will “ it’s in the rulebook, grade people based on value, it’s in the rulebook, certainly not discriminate. I’ve lived my life never discriminating, ” including “ I was grotesquely upset by the condescending nature, ” of the request to grade black students more leniently.

“ It could bizarre, ” Klein continued, adding “ you nearly have to say it several times. They will called me a racist mainly because I quoted martin Luther king in support of a color-blind society. ”


Klein’s case is not an isolated one. There were several  reports   through elsewhere in the country last year of black students  demanding   they be provided leniency or just better levels at the height of the dark lives matter protests.

There are also countless cases of so called Critical Race Theory, and BLM affected stances taking over college and university syllabuses, with anybody opposed in the firing series.

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