YouTuber Denied Entry to Cafe in Ireland Despite Being Double Jabbed

Treatment of Irish man in his home town branded “discrimination. inch

A YouTuber was denied entry to a restaurant in his area in Ireland despite getting double jabbed, with staff insisting he leave the premises because he had used the second dose of the vaccine only a few days beforehand.

Daniel Ewing, known on YouTube as The CraicMaster, was attempting to visit Nimmos restaurant in Galway along with fellow YouTuber Lee Davey.

After Davey himself had trouble with all the venue accepting his evidence of double vaccination, Ewing had been told he “ had not been vaccinated long enough” because he had only acquired his second dose on the 29th of September.

Ewing also explained how he had recently taken a PCR test which showed he was negative, but that the restaurant was not interested in this.

“ I flew on the plane, there was no problem with that, I flew on the plane and I can’t visit a restaurant, ” said Ewing.

“ That it is sad considering this is my own country, this is where I’m from, I’m double jabbed, We’ve done a PCR ensure that you a restaurant in Galway my home town won’t allow me to in the restaurant, ” he or she added.

Davey called the situation “ outside of a joke” and called for a boycott of the restaurant, labeling the restaurant’s behavior “ wrong” and an example of “ discrimination. ”

Ewing said he or she understood that the restaurant needed to enforce the rules as a company but that he opposed the law that bars unvaccinated people from entering.

All COVID restrictions are supposed to be lifted in Ireland in europe on October 22, including the vaccine passport mandate, although it remains to be seen if that will actually happen if virus situations rise towards the end of the month and booster photos are made compulsory.

As we previously highlighted , a department of Costa Coffee within Ireland demanded customers show proof of vaccination and a photograph ID if they wish to your shop.

A notice posted in the windows of one of the company’s divisions in the town of Killarney told customers, “ proof of immunity, ” consisting of either an EU digital COVID certificate, a HSE vaccination card or “ evidence they have recovered from COVID-19” was required to enter the premises.

In addition , management at the shop demanded people present photo ID such as a passport or a driver’s license.

Unvaccinated customers had been told in no unclear terms to sit outdoors or clear off.

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