March 30, 2023

Report: Southwest Airlines To ‘Comply’ With Biden Vaccine Requirement For All Employees

Company becomes latest flight to submit to vaccination decree as some employees resist

Reuters reports that Southwest Airlines offers announced that it will introduce COVID vaccine mandates for all its employees by early December, in order to ‘ comply’ with the federal mandate set out from the Biden administration.

“ Southwest Air carriers must join our business peers in complying with all the federal government’s COVID-19 vaccination directive, ” said Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, further noting that in order “ to continue employment with the flight, ” employees must send to the mandate.

Reuters notes that an internal memo to staff teaches them to submit their vaccination status with relevant paperwork by Nov. 24, guidance workers “ If you’re not really yet fully vaccinated, plan accordingly to meet the deadline. ”

The mandate, which covers government contractors as well as those directly employed by the government, will also be followed by American Airlines , according to a stamens by the company last week.

In a letter in order to employees, Chairman and CEO  Doug Parker and Leader Robert Isom wrote “ While we are still functioning through the details of the federal government requirements, it is clear that team members who choose to stay unvaccinated will not be able to am employed at American Airlines. ”

One American Air carriers employee spoke out contrary to the move Monday, vowing in order to “ go down fighting, ” against the measure.

“ We kind of seen it coming down the tube, ” customer service agent Ryan Wellington  told reporters, including “ We just thought that all by this time when it found our turn that the govt would change their outlook on it but we’re kind of naive to think that would be the one thing. ”

“ We have the freedom to not put things into the body that we don’t want and we kind of expected more of the boisterous opposition from our top management on our behalf, yet obviously their hands are usually kind of tied because this is a federal thing and not an American Airlines thing, ” Wellington further noted.

“ I know what I have confidence in, ” he continued, recommending “ I trust the science which is my body structure, my immune system. I trust the information that has been given to all of us because even though COVID will be something we’ve been dealing with for nearly two years now, we have shown that a large majority of the demographics can push by means of without having these types of mandates. ”


Back in August, United Airlines became the first to announce it would mandate vaccines, along with CEO Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart observing “ We know some of you will disagree with this decision to require the vaccine for all those United employees, but , we now have no greater responsibility to you and your colleagues than to assure your safety when you’re at the office, and the facts are crystal clear: everybody is safer when everyone is vaccinated. ”  

JetBlue Airways and Alaska Airlines have also recently  informed their workforce   that they will be required to get the vaccine.

Once we noted yesterday , Anthony Fauci brazenly declared this past weekend that individuals are going to have to abandon the notion that they have a right to say simply no to the jabs, arguing that giving up control of what is shot into ones body is ‘ for the greater good associated with society’.

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