March 25, 2023

Cruz: “COVID Has Shown Democrats Are Authoritarian Jackbooted Thugs”

“There is no decision about your life that they will not try to control”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz charged Wednesday that the COVID crisis has revealed the real character of Democrats in power, calling them “jackbooted thugs” and warning that “There is no decision about your life that they will not try to control.”

Cruz made the comments during an interview with Sean Hannity, in which the Senator addressed the attempts of Biden’s Justice Department to paint up concerned parents in the U.S. as “domestic terrorists” for questioning vaccine mandates and radical critical race theory being made a part of their kids’ education curriculum.

Cruz urged that “In any crisis someone’s character is revealed, and COVID really has shown the character of the Democrats. They are authoritarians, they are jackbooted thugs. There is no decision about your life that they will not try to control whether that is a vaccine mandate, regardless of your choices.”

“Gavin Newsom, trying to order every school kid in California to take, to get a vaccine regardless of their parents’ wishes or whether it comes to silencing free speech,” Cruz added, referring to the governor’s authoritarian actions on the west coast.

Cruz continued, “At the Attorney General’s memorandum this week, he directed the FBI and the Department of Justice to go after parents who are going to school boards, who were expressing dismay that critical race, the toxic stew of lies that divides us based on race, that teaches kids that America is inherently racist, that all white people are racist, that seeks to turn us into hating each other on racial lines, parents are understandably upset about that.”

“And the Attorney General told the Department of Justice, that those parents at school boards should be treated as ‘threats’ and as ‘domestic terrorists’ and directed the FBI to use all the forces of the federal government against them today,” the Senator added.

Cruz also pointed out that Biden officials refuse to call out Antifa or BLM rioters as extremists, and instead believe that “moms at a PTA meeting” are the real threat, noting “it’s nuts.”


Biden’s latest move to instils CRT in American schools has come with the appointment of Precious McKesson, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Black Caucus, as a Special Assistant in the DOE’s office of Communications and Outreach.

McKesson is an avid supporter of CRT, previously having claimed that it is an established “40-year-old academic framework” and that it is Republicans who are intent on dividing the country by not embracing “diversity and equity” through CRT.

Republicans pointed out the irony of the appointment, with Republican Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana, a member of the House’s Education and Labor Committee noting “The Biden administration claims CRT doesn’t exist, then appoints a CRT activist to the Department of Education and sics the FBI on parents who oppose their poisonous ideology.”

Labelling the appointment as a “slap in the face to parents across the country,” Banks further noted “The backlash against CRT started because Democrats are obsessed with inserting politics in the classroom, where it doesn’t belong.”

Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas added, “At a time when President Biden’s Justice Department is targeting school parents for simply voicing their concerns and objection to the teaching of radical curriculum in our nation’s schools, it is shocking, but not surprising, that they’ve moved to confirm another CRT advocate to a high rank within the Department of Education.”

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