March 24, 2023

Tim Pool Permanently BANNED By TikTok, Likely Due To Hosting Alex Jones, Who Broke No Rules

‘This is most likely because we hosted Alex Jones, and especially on more than one occasion.’

Popular podcaster and independent journalist Tim Pool reports his account on the Chinese-owned TikTok social media app was banned after interviewing Infowars host Alex Jones.

Pool announced via Twitter Tuesday that his podcast’s “Timcast IRL” TikTok account had been “permabanned…Most likely for hosting Alex Jones.”

“This is most likely because we hosted Alex Jones, and especially on more than one occasion,” Pool said in a YouTube update.

“We’ve had problems with clips relating to Alex Jones and recently they took down one of our videos. We appealed it; they restored it and said it was fine because Alex didn’t say anything against the rules, which just goes to show you that the rules for the most part are arbitrary. I say ‘for the most part’ because you know if you do something they’ll come after you, but often with people like Jones they just ban you.’”

Jones joined Pool at his studio in Virginia last month for his second sit-down interview.

Jones’ previous interview with Pool and author Michael Malice in Episode 184, streamed over 9 months ago, is currently one of TimCast IRL’s most viewed shows on YouTube. At the time, YouTube had temporarily banned the episode after falsely claiming it violated community guidelines.

Time will tell what other platforms attempt to censor Pool as the war on truth escalates.

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