March 23, 2023

Biden Admin Forgives Another $1. 7 Billion in Pupil Debt

Brings total more than $11 billion so far

The Biden administration announced that it will forgive at least $1. 7 billion is student loan debt designed for borrowers who previously did not qualify for the Public Service Mortgage Forgiveness (PSLF) program.

An extra $2. 8 billion might be forgiven if certain debtors can demonstrate that they meet the program’s requirement to work in the public service job for 10 years.

The Section of Education will  forgive   these types of loans by temporarily waiving   some of the program’s eligibility needs, including the parameters around which type of loans and repayment plans qualify. Congress wrote the law on eligibility pertaining to PSLF. The Department conducts the program, but until now has not overrode Congress to release the eligibility requirements.

When Congress  created   the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan in 2007, it instated strict requirements for debtors to have their loans forgiven: A borrower had to work full-time for 10 years at a qualifying employer, make monthly payments for the entire time, be on a qualifying repayment plan, and have federal direct loans (other types of loans do not qualify). When the requirements were met, the rest of the balance on their loans would be eliminated; in other words, paid for by federal taxpayers in exchange for your borrower’s ten years of public service.  

These stringent requirements designed that very few people qualified. The most recent agency data  shows   that 97. 9 percent associated with PSLF applications are denied.

Because of these PSLF waivers, payments that were made late, made through payment plans that did not meet the criteria, or made on a type of loans that did not be eligible will be able to count toward the particular 120 required payments.  

In addition to these types of temporary measures, Sec. Cardona  plans   to permanently change the PSLF rules going forward through negotiated rule-making.  

According to a  Ny Times   computation, Cardona has previously nationalized $10 billion in student education loans. The announced actions brings the total to at least $11. 7 billion.  

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