March 25, 2023

Rock and roll Legend Drummer Bashes Covid Vax: ‘Nobody Knows In case It’s Really A Vaccine, Or even Something To Kill Everybody’

Carmine Appice not marching in order to beat of globalist trommel.

Legendary rock drummer Carmine Appice cut with the politically correct BS during an interview Thursday, mentioning the way the Covid vaccine hasn’t gone through long term trials to determine many people deadly or not.

In an interview with Rocking With Jam Guy on YouTube, the Vanilla Fudge drummer discussed how the coronavirus lockdowns and vaccine requires affected his touring profession, calling them the “ craziest thing” he’s actually seen.

“ In your life do you think anything as crazy as [coronavirus lockdowns] would happen? ” asked the vlog’s 9-year-old host.

“ No . I believe it’s all political. Yet we won’t get into that will. It went to the selection. I think it was all prepared. But anyway, we won’t get into that, ” Appice stated.

“ Yeah, we don’t… I can get into that, man, ” replied the show web host, evidently aware of the censorship around taboo key words online. “ We can’t either. Me or you, we’re going to get canceled. ”

Appice also confirmed he did not enjoy having a break from touring when coronavirus lockdowns hit around the world.

“ We made do of it. But I didn’t enjoy it, ” the former Rod Stewart drummer said, adding, “ I might have rather been actively playing gigs. ”

“ I used to perform 60 gigs a year, plus last year I did four. This year [I will end up playing] maybe 18, if they all happen. We still don’t know. Such as when we did me plus my brother’s gig, there were one gig in the middle which was blown out because of COVID. ”

“ So , hopefully they won’t end up being blown out, and everybody’s getting vaccinated. And nobody even knows if the vaccination is really a vaccination or something to kill everybody, ” the drummer next stated.

“ My spouse and i to get vaccinated to travel, ” Appice affirmed. “ Yet it’s crazy; it’s most of crazy. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. In all my years, We have never seen anything this crazy. ”

While the comments are relatively shocking, the reality is Covid-19 vaccines were developed quickly plus rammed through the FDA regulatory process in a matter of months, when most vaccines have many years of safety data from long term studies.

Based on Blabbermouth. net , Appice’s body of work spans across decades and he’s been featured alongside a few of rock’s greatest artists.

Appice   will be the original drummer of  VANILLA FUDGE , with whom he still information and performs today. They have also played with  CACTUS   and  BECK, BOGERT & APPICE , in addition to investing stints in the bands of  Ozzy Osbourne   and  Rod Stewart , co-writing the particular latter’s No . 1 hit  “ Da Ahora Think I’m Sexy? ”   Carmine   was named the 28th greatest drummer of all time by  Rolling Stone   journal.

Here he is rocking out with Ozzy and guitarist Jake E. Lee.

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