March 30, 2023

FBI Vs . Moms: Angry Moms Speak Up After Biden Admin Declares Them “Domestic Terrorists”

Angry moms not backing down after Biden AG equates them to domestic terrorists.

Moms in the united states are angry after a letter from Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland asked the FBI to investigate alleged ‘ violent threats’ by parents speaking out at school board meetings.

When the left-leaning Associated Press attempted, and failed, to spin the headlines , the issue further exploded and sparked protests from parents groups concerned they are able to soon be targeted by the FBI.

During a Fox News interview earlier this week, Parents Defending Education member and Virginia mom Asra Nomani discussed the FBI’s war on parents, and Garland’s conflict of interest after his daughter married a co-founder of a company pushing the CRT agenda onto publics schools.

On Thursday, parents in Fairfax County, Virginia, took to the streets to protest the outrageous abuse of authority.

Parents That Protest Racism and Medical Tyranny are Now Domestic Terrorists in America

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