March 25, 2023

View Australian Activist’s Emergency SOS To World That Got Him Arrested

See the powerful Aussie Cossack interview with Alex Jones warning the American people that full-blown technocratic tyranny will be coming to their shores.

Australian anti-lockdown activist Simeon Boikov warned last month on The Alex Jones Show that Australia’s tyrannical COVID tactics are coming soon towards the United States.

Boikov, also known as the Foreign Cossack, warned that he would likely soon be arrested to get appearing on the show to get the word out about the country’s descent into tyranny.

“ It’s completely out of control, what’s happening here. Constantly repeat myself enough: we want support. We need an SOS, ” Boikov told Jones on September 25.

“ I know this sounds ludicrous to our friends in America… but in Australia, you can now be arrested for committing a thought crime. Not only going to a protest, but for thinking about going to a demonstration, or speaking about likely to a protest, ” he or she continued.

Boikov also warned that it was only a matter of time until the Aussie government arrested him designed for speaking out.

“ I’m not contacting for violence. I’m making it very clear so I won’t obtain arrested for incitement. Which is what the police are waiting for, for me to slip up so they can charge me, ” he said.

“ We need sanctions. We need diplomatic pressure from the outside world mainly because our politicians don’t want to listen to the people. Our political figures are absolutely out of control, ” he added.

Just weeks later, Boikov was imprisoned at their home Friday for his thought crimes, which the law enforcement claimed was over an alleged “ breach of the public health act. ”

Spread this particular critical interview to expose Australia’s tyrannical move against dissenters before Joe Biden’s regime employs the same tactics within America.

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