Babylon Bee Satire Article Expected Genderless Legos As Clown World Gets Even Wackier

Lego goes woke!

Popular satire site The Babylon Bee jokingly predicted a situation in May that actually came true less than five months later.

As Not The Bee noted on Tweets, a New York Post article titled, “ Lego Commits To Removing ‘ Sex Bias And Harmful Stereotypes’ From Its Toys, ” is insanely similar to the May Babylon Bee piece titled, “ Lego Unveils New Genderless Stones With No Male/Female Connectors. ”

The satire articled originally joked, “ As part of the new push toward inclusion and diversity, LEGO provides unveiled a new set of genderless bricks without male or female fittings. The entirely smooth stones have no suggestive male nubs or female receptors and instead have entirely easy, androgynous sides all around. ”

Proving the Babylon Bee to be quite prophetic, the actual Lego statement is that the toy company will not label its products as “ for girls” or “ for boys” and the website will no longer allow searches by gender.

Yet again, reality mimics fiction because the world continues to descend right into a full-fledged Clown World.

Owen has an epiphany as he realizes what the pride flag is about.

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