March 30, 2023

Deinem Strategist Deletes Tweet With “Arrest Fauci” Infowars Label

Viral tweet showed skydiver wearing ‘Arrest Fauci’ Infowars Sticker along with Democrat consultant complaining about putting her life in hands of anti-Fauci person.

A communications strategist for Democrats has deleted her viral tweet that showed her free-falling using a skydiving instructor donning a good Infowars sticker on his headgear.

Tracy Sefl lamented that the girl didn’t notice the man’s “ Arrest Fauci” sticker with time despite her ‘ literally putting her life in the hands. ‘

“ We literally put my life on this guy’s hands and we most of loved him but I didn’t read the writing in the helmet until, ” stated Sefl in the now-deleted Twitter update. “ You have got to be f**king kidding me. ”

The “ Arrest Fauci” sticker was a well-known item in the sticker section of the Infowars Store.

The ordeal is a effective demonstration on how seemingly small acts in the pro-liberty, pro-humanity, and anti-medical tyranny movement can cascade into far-reaching messages.

Moreover, a Democrat not wanting to associate with someone they politically disagree with but simultaneously trusts with their life is representational of these times.

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