March 30, 2023

‘Jab ‘Em in Their Sleep’: Philippines’ Duterte Proposes New Method to Force Injections

“Let’s enter their houses and vaccinate all of them while they are asleep. inch

Filipino ninja doctors may quickly be sneaking into the houses of Covid-19 vaccine refuseniks to inject them within their sleep.

At least that’s the idea proposed by the country’s trigger-happy president.

The unorthodox approach to boosting vaccination rates was touted by Rodrigo Duterte during their latest ‘ Talk to the particular People’ address on Mon.   “ I know lots of people are still hesitant, ”   the president said, as quoted by local media.

“ So find them in your barangays (neighborhoods). Let’s enter their homes and vaccinate them whilst they are asleep. End of story. ”

The president added which he was ready to personally lead the nocturnal immunization raids.

The suggestion, which was hopefully a joke, arrived as the Philippines president was trying to convince the public to take the vaccine. On the same program, Duterte took personal obligation for his government’s failure to secure enough doses for a swifter vaccine rollout earlier this year, but noted that even a limited campaign had reduced the spread of the disease.

The Pacific cycles island nation started its Covid-19 immunization program within March, using China’s Sinovac vaccine. Duterte had previously blamed rich nations to get hoarding available doses and leaving countries like the Philippines behind.

The particular outgoing president is no unfamiliar person to using harsh techniques to deal with various issues. He or she infamously introduced a violent police crackdown on drug crimes, which critics state amounted to mass extrajudicial killings. Earlier this month, the Justice Department mentioned 154 cops involved in the war on drugs may face criminal charges for overstepping their authority. The Global Criminal Court, which is performing its own investigation, says the scale of alleged police crimes was much higher, using the number of victims numbered in the tens of thousands.

Duterte has previously suggested a strong-arm approach to vaccine refuseniks. In June, he mentioned those who won’t take the jab should leave the country or be jailed and jabbed by force.   “ I’ll have you arrested [and] then I will inject a vaccine into your buttocks, ”   he  warned   at the time.

Unvaccinated Australians are now prisoners in their own country.

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