March 29, 2023

Survey Confirmed: Texas Hospital Putting Bags Over Covid Patients’ Heads

Bags being placed over terrified patients’ heads alert of suffocation and state, ‘Do not place more than head. ‘

The mother of a Covid positive young lady who was forced to don a plastic bag while at a Texas hospital confirmed the occurrence took place as described.

Joining The Alex Jones Show Wednesday,   the 17-year-old’s mom Natalie gave her account of the horrific incident that will reportedly happened at an er of a major medical provider in Odessa.

“ It was very hard, ” Natalie told Infowars host Owen Shroyer.

“ The girl oxygen was already low, it had been at 85%, 86%. When we got there they tested her for Covid. We all already knew she was positive, and they still tested her again, and then they said that she needed to be on oxygen. So they put the girl on oxygen and then someone said they were gonna keep her just to make sure she had been okay cause she has been low on oxygen. ”

According to the girl’s mom, her child had been next humiliatingly forced to use a plastic bag tagged “ equipment cover” whilst she was moved into the hospital unit.

“ Then they came to transport us and then she introduced a bag and Now i am like, ‘ Ok, can be that for? ‘ The girl says, ‘ We have to put it over her head. ‘ And I said, ‘ Pertaining to what? ‘ She says, ‘ Any time we transportation them through the halls where there’s other patients we need to put it over their head. ‘ I’m like, ‘ Ok. ‘”

“ So she experienced the mask on already and the bag. She kept saying she couldn’t breathe, so she took off the particular mask, and they told her the girl had to put the mask back again on. So she put the mask back on then they took us towards the room, but on the way towards the room she had to put on the bag. When the girl got in the room the lady could take off the handbag, but she had to retain it so if she had to do any kind of x-rays, CAT scans the lady had to put the bag back on. ”

The young lady’s mother said she did not personally witness any other patients wearing bags at the time.

According to a Facebook post from the Odessa Accountability Task documenting the incident, the bag would have had typical warning labels on it showing a suffocation hazard.

This particular 17 year old young lady visited the emergency room in Odessa, COVID positive, because the girl couldn’t breath. She has been humiliated and dehumanized by the staff. Aside from the warning on the bag not to place this particular over your head, as it might lead to suffocation, this is just incorrect. The bag is labeled equipment cover and has your typical warning on it. The girls mother said she lamented of not being able to breath well, taking off the mask, and was asked to place it back on. The handbag was over her head for roughly 30 minutes and he or she was instructed to save the bag for future use throughout the hospital.

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