March 23, 2023

Catholic Troops CAN Refuse Biden’s Mandatory Covid Injection, Army Archbishop Declares

“Denial of religious lodging, or punitive or adverse personnel actions taken against those who raise earnest, conscience-based objections, would be contrary to government law and morally reprehensible, ” says Military Solutions Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio

Catholic U. S. troops should be able to refuse the COVID-19 injection on religious grounds, regardless of whether abortion-related tissue is associated with vaccine testing, the archbishop for the military declared within a statement.

Archbishop for the Military Providers Timothy P. Broglio, which previously supported Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, reversed program in a statement Tuesday proclaiming the vaccine mandate “ does not” outweigh the conscience of unvaccinated provider members.

“ No one should be forced to get a COVID-19 vaccine if it would violate the sanctity associated with his or her conscience, ” Broglio said in the statement .

“ This particular circumstance raises the question associated with whether the vaccine’s moral permissibility precludes an individual from developing a sincerely held religious belief that receiving the vaccine would violate his conscience. It does not. ”

“ The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Trust examined these moral issues and judged that receiving these vaccines ‘ does not constitute formal cooperation with all the abortion, ‘ and is for that reason not sinful, ” Broglio’s letter continues.

The archbishop also promises the Johnson & Manley injection “ was developed, tested, and is produced, with abortion-derived cell lines, ” producing its use among Catholics “ problematic. ”

“ The refusal of religious accommodations, or even punitive or adverse employees actions taken against people who raise earnest, conscience-based arguments, would be contrary to federal legislation and morally reprehensible, ” Broglio added.

The Archdiocese for the Military Services claims responsibility for  1 . 8 million   service members and their families at 230 installations.

Broglio, who was appointed simply by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, initially voiced support for the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate in August.

“ Certainly, no shot is an absolute, but the military is bound to live, work plus recreate together, ”   he mentioned . “ It seems prudent to ensure they do not infect one another. ”

This comes just a day right after over 100 Ohio pastors penned a scathing letter to Joe Biden criticizing his vaccine mandate, featuring how “ human tissue from pre-born infant sufferers of abortion has been used for the manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccines. ”

“ In other words Mr. President, your Administration believes the unalienable rights of lifestyle, liberty, and the pursuit of pleasure do not come from our Originator GOD but rather from a federal government which does not know the right hand from its remaining. Your Administration’s politicization of the truth is profound, ” the particular pastors wrote.

This also comes just days after Archbishop Carlo Helen Viganò in an interview condemned the Covid shots, Pope Francis, and the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Hopefully much more within the Catholic Church may continue pushing back against the New World Order.

Read Broglio’s letter:

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Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long explained in an affidavit drafted under the Military Whistleblower Protection Act how completely healthy pilots have been struggling a myriad of undesirable side effects , including myocarditis.

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