Chicago Art Museum Fires Unpaid Volunteers For Being White

Replaces these ‘diverse’ paid workers upon $25 an hour.

A prestigious art museum in Chicago fired numerous unpaid volunteers and replaced them with paid workers because they were too white.

Yes, really.

The Artwork Institute of Chicago have been able to depend on the help of 122 highly skilled volunteers, mostly older white women, to act as guides to the Museum’s collection of 300, 000 works, that they explain in great detail to visitors.

The volunteers also acted as “ school group greeters” to help children be familiar with importance of what they were seeing.

Training specifications for the position were intensive, and the volunteers were apparently doing a great job.

But now they’ve now many been dismissed for not becoming “ diverse” enough.

“ Many of the volunteers— though not all— are usually older white women, that have the time and resources to devote so much free labour to the Museum, ” reports the Why Evolution holds true blog.

“ But the demographics of that team weren’t appealing to the AIC, and so, in late September, the particular AIC fired all of them, stating they’d be replaced by smaller number of hired volunteers employees who will be paid $25 an hour. That group will surely meet the envisioned diversity objectives. ”

“ Paying the replacements will not result in more knowledgeable docents. But they won’t be Caucasian; that’s the important thing, ” writes Dave Blount.

Unfortunately for the volunteers, a lack of “ diversity” is only apparently a problem at one end from the spectrum.

A similar thing happened last month when the English Touring Safari (ETO) kicked out half of its orchestral players in an effort to prioritize “ increased diversity in the orchestra. ”

The act of musical ethnic cleansing has been carried out in the interests of following “ firm assistance of the Arts Council, ” which is a government-funded body.

Once again, this most underscores the fact that the only type of institutionalized racism that remains not only acceptable, but something to be encouraged, is towards white people.

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