March 29, 2023

Medical center Responds: Claims It’s Process to Throw Plastic Bags Over Covid Patients

‘In certain circumstances, conditions clear, plastic drape or covering for COVID individuals during transport is used to prevent the virus from airborne spread to staff and other patients’

The Texas hospital system that pushed a Covid positive young lady to wear a plastic bag not only confirmed the incident happened, but claimed the procedure was program hospital protocol.

In a statement launched by Odessa-based Medical Center Health System CEO and Leader Russell Tippin, the hospital acknowledged the incident occurred and claimed plastic bags are used on Covid patients to avoid “ airborne spread, ” despite the fact the young woman is noticed wearing a face mask.

“ Medical Center Hospital understands a photo of a COVID individual being transported within the medical center showing a plastic drape over the patient’s head and upper torso, ” the declaration said. “ MCH has spoken with the mother from the patient and discussed the patient’s treatment during her extended stay, including the technique patient drape. ”

The so-called “ patient drape” was a plastic material bag labeled “ products cover. ”

“ We were pleased to have the mother reach out to all of us to address the situation, ” Tippin stated. “ Our main concern will always be the safety plus care of our patients. We have been always willing to listen to our own patient’s experiences to better get in touch with them to make sure they are comfortable. ”

The statement continued: “ Per MCH policy and CDC recommendations, a patient must wear the mask at all times, and this will be our preferred method of protection for patients within the medical center. ”

“ In certain circumstances, the use of a crystal clear, plastic drape or covering for COVID patients during transport is used to prevent the virus from airborne spread in order to staff and other patients, particularly in tight areas such as hallways and elevators. Those situations include if the patient will not wear a mask or keep it on, is unable to tolerate a mask or has an aerosol-generating procedure. A covered patient is never still left unattended and is already on some form of oxygen or inhaling and exhaling assistance. As with any other medical procedure, the patient and/or guardian has got the right to refuse the form associated with protection. ”

The hospital director added that will staff had received many threats after the photo showing the plastic-wrapped patient proceeded to go viral.

“ Due to the viral nature of this photo, our hospital plus staff have received numerous threatening phone calls, including threats on their lives, their family’s lifestyles and even threats of bombing the hospital. The Ector County Hospital District Police Division is investigating these threats, and the FBI has been approached. ”

“ Rest assured, we take all these threats seriously and are getting appropriate action, ” Tippin added. “ Under no circumstances may MCH tolerate such threats to staff members, their families or even anyone associated with the health program. Our staff have been true heroes for the past 19 a few months in battling this outbreak and do not deserve the aggresive threats spewed by these types of hateful individuals. ”

In an exclusive job interview with  The Alex Jones Show   Tuesday ,   the 17-year-old’s mother Natalie recalled the horrific event, saying hospital workers compelled her daughter to wear a bag despite ongoing breathing difficulties.

“ Her oxygen was already low, it had been at 85%, 86%. Whenever we got there they tested her for Covid. We all already knew she has been positive, and they still tested her again, and then someone said that she needed to be upon oxygen. So they put the girl on oxygen and then they said they were gonna keep her just to make sure she has been okay cause she was low on oxygen. ”

“ Then they came to transport us and then she brought a bag and I’m like, ‘ Ok, can be that for? ‘ The girl says, ‘ We have to put it over her head. ‘ And I said, ‘ Regarding what? ‘ She says, ‘ Any time we transportation them through the halls exactly where there’s other patients we have to put it over their head. ‘ I’m like, ‘ Ok. ‘”

“ So she had the mask on already and the bag. She kept saying the lady couldn’t breathe, so the lady took off the mask, and they told her she had to place the mask back on. So she put the mask back again on and then they got us to the room, yet on the way to the room she had to wear the handbag. When she got in the room she could take off the bag, but the lady had to keep it so if she had to do any x-rays, CAT scans she had to place the bag back on. ”

Also joining Infowars during the interview, Odessa-based Dr . Richard Bartlett commented the hospital’s handbag stunt constituted an “ abuse of power. ”

“ We need to hold local hospital managers accountable and local physicians accountable, ” Bartlett announced. “ Enough is enough. ”

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