March 25, 2023

Statement: New WHO COVID Origin Investigation Team Includes ONE MORE Peter Daszak Minion

Head of Germany’s Institute of Virology earlier signed letter declaring lab leak notion a “conspiracy theory”

The World Health Organisation recently put together a new team of researchers to ‘ investigate’ the origins of COVID-19, pertaining specifically to the lab leak theory, and announced that this time conflicts of interest would be avoided. However , among the leading members is a man of science who signed EcoHealth Connections head Peter Daszak’s infamous Lancet letter which attemptedto shut down the theory before it had even been investigated.

The Washington Free Beacon notes that will Germany’s Institute of Virology head, Christian Drosten is on the latest WHO team, and that he “ authorized a controversial letter dismissing the idea that the virus emerged from a Chinese lab as a ‘ conspiracy theory. ‘”

As we have  formerly noted , the Communist Chinese government, along with Daszak steered the course of the particular pathetic WHO “ investigation”, which had already terminated the lab leak belief after only a  three hour visit   to the facility within February.

Additionally ,   China has refused to cooperate using the renewed WHO probe , declaring that any try to look into the lab leak theory goes “ against science” and claiming, contrary to  U. S. intelligence   and the Who is own conclusions, that workers in the lab were hospitalised with COVID in the autumn of 2020.

In August, the head of the WHO’s origin investigation admitted that China basically purchased his team on what to create in their report and permitted them to mention the laboratory leak theory, but just on the condition that they failed to recommend following it up.

Revealing what is obvious evidence of a cover up, the particular Washington Post reported that will Danish WHO chief Ben Embarek made the entrance after  also commenting   that he thinks patient zero was a employee at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where experiments on coronaviruses were being carried out.

Embarek observed that “ human error” could have ultimately led to herpes jumping to humans, yet that “ the Chinese political system does not permit authorities to acknowledge that will. ”

Embarek commented that “ Somebody could also wish to hide something. ”

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