November 30, 2021

Liberals Triggered After Fox Reporter Claims ‘Vaccine Concerns Raised’ by Fully-Vaxxed Colin Powell’s Death

Leftists rush to defend Big Pharma after Fox News reporter questions long-term Covid shot effectiveness.

A tweet by Fox News media reporter John Roberts questioning vaccine effectiveness following the high-profile dying of fully-vaccinated Colin Powell drove blue checkmark liberals into hysterics on Tweets.

Within a now-deleted tweet, Roberts made the common-sense observation that will Powell’s death from a breakthrough discovery Covid-19 infection raises questions about the vaccine’s long-term efficacy.

“ The fact that Colin Powell died from a success COVID infection raises brand new concerns about how effective vaccines are long-term, ” the particular White House correspondent tweeted.

In a Facebook post Monday, Powell’s loved ones made it a point to note the truth that Powell was “ completely vaccinated. ” The article received a Facebook vaccine advisory.

There’s no question vaccine efficacy begins to pass over time ; that’s the entire argument behind booster jabs.

Despite the very serious possibility there may be a vaccine link to the death, Roberts’ tweet was assailed simply by outraged Big Pharma shill leftists who went to function attempting to discredit the statement, claiming he ignored Powell’s age and the fact that he or she was fighting cancer.

Roberts later explained this individual deleted his tweet since it was being misinterpreted by the still left as “ anti-vax, ” and proclaimed he’s the staunch vaccine proponent.

The FDA final month accepted Pfizer Covid-19 booster jabs for people 65 and older.

At this time, it’s unclear whether or not Powell had received the booster shot.

“ People with multiple myeloma have compromised immune systems and are thus at higher risk of developing serious Covid-19. Vaccines are also probably less effective in these patients, ” reviews Dnyuz. com .

“ In  a study published in July , researchers found that just 45 percent of those with active multiple myeloma ‘ developed an adequate response’ after receiving either the particular Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines. ”

Inside a censored video last 30 days, an Illinois doctor also explained how independent studies he conducted demonstrated the Covid-19 vaccine destroys the immune system , causing the body susceptible to illness.

Reviews out of the UK, highlighted by former Nyc Times technology writer Alex Berenson at the Joe Rogan Experience last week, also showed fully-vaccinated people in older age groups were nearly twice as likely to be infected with Covid-19 than their particular unvaccinated counterparts.

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