November 30, 2021

Planet Economic Forum: Replace Document Passports With Vaccine Passports

WEF talks about removing paper passports while furthermore pushing “vaccine passports”

The World Economic Community forum is pushing the replacing paper passports with globally, digital passports.

The globalist community forum has also proposed a digital “ vaccine passport, ” which presumably would be included in the papers passport’s replacement.

“ The standard template regarding passports was  created more than a century ago— and many believe it’s due for a main rethink, ” reads a WEF content published last month. “ Economists  plus open-border advocates point out that tethering one’s prospects to some paper-based travel document, 1 originally meant to expedite queues at European train channels, has proven to be inefficient, pricey, and ultimately inequitable. ”  

Oddly enough, the article admits the eradication of paper passports works against national sovereignty mainly because, as the above quote points out, it’s a proposal spearheaded by open-border advocates who want “ seamless cross-border movement” simply by economic migrants who will accomplish millions of vacant jobs simply by 2030, presumably for cheaper pay.

An additional article by the WEF promotes the usage of a electronic “ vaccine passport” pertaining to international travel that would apparently be a part of a general digital passport which replaces a paper one.

“ The expectation is that with a vaccine, some aspects of lifetime will return to normal – especially when it comes to travel – which has been particularly hard-hit. This is how a ‘ vaccine passport’ or ‘ e-vaccination qualification of compliance for border crossing regulations’ might turn into a required travel document, to enable seamless border-crossing and the harmonization associated with varying national laws , ” according to the WEF write-up, with emphases added.

It’s noteworthy that both proposals share exactly the same agenda, emphasized above, indicating that they are meant to be adopted within tandem.

An electronic digital passport would also be much less private in comparison to a paper one given that it could link into medical and tax records while conceivably tracking a homeowner’s movements.

It could also conceivably be used to enforce carbon taxes on individual travelers, thereby limiting private travel by making it prohibitively expensive except for, state, economic migrants who are filling jobs for less pay to the advantage of multi-national corporations that will then be less burdened by carbon taxes.

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