Should Watch! Pfizer Openly Bankrolling Pro-Vaccine Mainstream Media

Amazing compilation exposes quid pro quo in between major news network shills and pharmaceutical corporation at the rear of COVID injection.

An eye-opening compilation moving on social media shows infamously pro-vaccine mainstream news networks openly admitting that Pfizer sponsors their segments.

Clips from NBC, ABC, CBS, plus CNN show Pfizer, one of the main manufacturers of the COVID-19 shot, is funding many segments.

CNBC even supplied a disclaimer on one of its tweets noting Pfizer paid for its article praising – you guessed it – Pfizer.

This comes as the mainstream media unceasingly shills for the COVID shot and demonizes anybody exactly who questions its safety or even efficacy.

In fact , an Infowars poll that is certainly amassed over 40K ballots shows that most people overwhelmingly view the mainstream media as the major face of Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate campaign.

The mainstream media no more informs the people, but will act as the corporate mouthpiece for Large Pharma and Big Govt.

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