November 30, 2021

Leaked White House Call Shows DOJ Lawyer Discussing How exactly to Undercut Vaccine Religious Exemption Claims

Biden actively researching to circumvent religious objections to his tyrannical vaccine mandate.

Audio leaked by a White House official reveals the Biden administration discussing with a Department of Justice lawyer getting around religious exemptions from the vaccine mandate.

In the audio, first reported by Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, DOJ attorney Marty Lederman is heard advising the Biden administration on how to fight back against religious exemption claims.

“ For instance, in the New York case that’s currently going on against the  State of New York, the  Thomas More Society  is representing a bunch of doctors and nurses who claim that they would sin gravely in cooperation with the evil of abortion, ” he began.

“ How would they be doing so? The claim is that all three of the existing vaccines, either have fetal cells that were obtained by abortions in the vaccine itself, or in the case of Pfizer and Moderna that those vaccines were tested using fetal cells that had been aborted, and even the connection to the prior testing, makes them cooperative with evil in a way that their religion prohibits. ”

Lederman confessed that there is little Biden can legally do to circumvent religious exemption claims, even if they are “ insincere. ”

“ I don’t want to say anything too categorical but I believe that this claim is likely to be very difficult for agencies to successfully claim that’s either insincere or not religious , even if it is, ” he admitted. “ Even when we know that many of those claims are not sincere, or are sincere but not religions, here is the most common behavior you’re going to confront probably, and it’s likely that you will have to take as a given the employee’s claim . ”

“ Not at all times, right, but one response that some hospitals have started to give is, ‘ well do you know that Tylenol, and Tums, and Preparation H, those were all tested using aborted fetal cell lines, too. ‘ And I expect that employees will then say ‘ well I didn’t understand that, but now that you tell me that and I’ll stop using those products as well. ‘”

The shocking call just reveals the supposedly Catholic Joe Biden’s contempt for Christians and the American people.

The Biden administration is reportedly in a panic on the leaked audio, according to Posobiec.

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