November 30, 2021

Chris Wallace Praises Jen Psaki As ‘One of the Best Push Secretaries Ever’

Will there be a Democrat operative the particular Fox News anchor refuses to defend?

Fox News Sunday” point Chris Wallace lauded White House press secretary Jen Psaki as “ among the best” ever.

That’s like stating Biden is the most popular president ever.

Wallace made the remark on Friday while discussing Psaki’s defense of Biden not really visiting the U. H. southern border in his entire 40-plus year political profession.

“ Jen Psaki is, I think, among the best press secretaries ever, ” Wallace claimed.

Wallace’s opinion is hardly surprising provided he always comes to the particular defense of embattled Liberal operatives.

For instance , Wallace looked after Dr . Anthony Fauci in June more than reports that he helped finance the Wuhan Institute associated with Virology’s gain of function research, saying the reports showed “ no smoking gun. ”

Spoiler: it’s now verified that Fauci funded obtain of function research within Wuhan and lied to Congress about it .

Wallace also gushed over Biden’s divisive inaugural address within January, calling it “ the best address I’ve ever heard. ”

“ I believed it was a great speech, ” Wallace said. “ Seems listening to these inaugural tackles since 1961… I thought this was the best inaugural address I actually ever heard. ”

Wallace is just another RINO globalist minion who addresses for the mistakes of the Democrats, his true political colleagues.

Chris Wallace reveals his globalist bias as he acts surprised whenever Mike Pompeo says the Coronavirus came from a laboratory in Wuhan China.

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