Climate Change Activists Pushing Establishment Narrative Wonder Why They’re Not in Prison

A baffling secret.

Climate change activists through ‘ Extinction Rebellion’ that are actually furthering the establishment narrative on climate change expressed shock that they were unable in prison despite repeatedly blocking major roads and causing accidents.

Gee, I question.

61 campaigners from Insulate Britain, an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion, blocked three major highways in London yet again today and again faced angry disapproval from the general public.

They plan to continue the action ahead of the upcoming Cop26 climate change summit in Scotland, at which world leaders will gather to drive the very same alarmist global warming rhetoric that they amplify.

Activists expressed surprise that the government and the law enforcement have allowed them to get away with causing chaos for the past two months, including serious visitors accidents.

“ Climate protest group Insulate Britain has revealed its “ absolute disbelief” that will its members have been allowed to repeatedly disrupt the freeway network, saying it got originally expected its advertising campaign of direct action to last just two days, ” reports the Guardian .

“ As the group works on for a fresh wave of protests this week, organisers confess they are baffled over the reason why the police have effectively allowed them to keep closing main routes. ”

A spokesperson for the group said, “ We assumed that we would not be allowed to carry on disrupting the motorway network to the extent that we have been. We thought that people would certainly basically be in prison. ”

Activists previously thanked police for dealing with them kindly, in contrast to anti-lockdown protesters who are routinely mistreated by riot cops.

The answer as to why the particular protesters have faced kid gloves treatment is blatantly obvious.

Far from representing a “ rebellion, ” their actions are exactly in line with what institution technocrats want – a worldwide energy lockdown and a drastic reduction in living standards based on the hysteria of man-made climate change.

Insulate Britain protesters are lobbying for the precise system which is already being unrolled, these people just want the government to be able to even more onerous even more rapidly.

The group is actually moving Britain closer to exactly what the establishment wants – a ‘ green economy’ that will cause economic damage, food shortages, energy rationing and climate lockdowns.

Just as police officers genuflected and fawned over Dark Lives Matter rioters final summer, eco-activists are shielded by the establishment because they are surprise troops acting on behalf of the establishment.

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