Watch: CDC Admits Even Vaccinated Kids Will Still Be Forced to Wear Masks

Everlasting propaganda push keeps children in fear and globalists in control.

Mask requires in public schools should continue for the foreseeable future even after children receive Covid-19 vaccines, the director of the CDC offers indicated.

Speaking with Meet the Press Weekend, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky essentially admitted the fresh vaccines, soon set to be authorized for children five to 11, still defintely won’t be enough to bring an end to the mask debacle that has experienced parents in school board meetings up in arms.

“ What’s your advice to parents concerning lifting mask mandates in schools once children are vaccinated? ” host Andrea Mitchell asked Walensky.

“ Our case numbers are coming down and that’s therefore encouraging. We still have seventy five, 000 new cases a day of Covid and still getting death rates of 1, 200 to 1, 500 deaths each day, ” Walensky explained, ignoring the fact most of those deaths are not in the 0-17 age group .

“ As we turns out these vaccines for our children, and we have hopeful we are able to, it’s also critically critical that our kids are able to stay in college. ”

Walensky goes on to cite stats claiming masks are effective and mistakenly claimed they’re necessary to maintain schools open.

“ We saw two to three weeks ago new science that will demonstrated that schools that masked had 3. five times less likelihood of having outbreaks than schools that will didn’t. In my mind, the most important thing right now as we work to obtain our cases down, as we work to get our children vaccinated, is that we all continue the masking to maintain our kids in school . ”

What Walensky doesn’t explain is: if the vaccines work, why carry on masking?

The school mandates, many of which were put into place only a week before classes started in the fall, possess vexed parents across the country who have taken to airing their issues at school board meetings.

Meanwhile, the particular masks help cultivate an atmosphere of fear and anxiety essential for the globalists to continue guiding humanity into a perpetual prison-planet lockdown run by billionaire technocrats and oligarchs – while they themselves are personally excluded from wearing encounter coverings.

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