November 30, 2021

Tragic: 28-Year-Old Bodybuilder Dies “Unexpectedly” Four Days After Noua Vaccine

‘Does this make me a sheep? Simply no, ‘ man commented in Facebook post showing Covid vaccination record card.

A 28-year-old bodybuilder died “ unexpectedly” four days after receiving his second dose of Moderna’s experimental Covid-19 vaccine, posts on social media disclose.

A Facebook update shows FedEx driver Jake Kazmarek from Rochester, New York, received his second Moderna jab on Sept. 28.

“ Boom done is exactly what it is, ” Kazmarek had written. “ U can hold away as long as u want but you won’t have much independence I’m over it I did it. Does it make me a sheep? No . I have asthma and I’m a uncle to some awesome little kids u don’t like it. Uk what you should do” [sic]

In a following update the following day, Kazmarek highlighted an article from the McGill University in Quebec, Canada, titled, “ We Felt Sick After Getting a Vaccine. Why?

The article attempts to explain the phenomenon of side effects following vaccination, even though nervously concludes with, “ There is too little data to know if getting side effects like fatigue and fever right after receiving a vaccine means that the particular vaccine is doing its work and you will gain sufficient protection against the virus itself. ”

“ Just some details, ” Kazmarek’s post has been captioned; the contents from the article shared suggests he might have been experiencing an adverse response.

Fast-forward three days later and a good obituary from the Thomas Electronic. Burger Funeral Home states Kazmarek died on October 2 .

In screenshots of a Facebook update posted by Kazmarek’s wife within a women’s weightlifting group, the lady commented that Kazmarek “ passed away unexpectedly. ”

Kazmarek’s death was publicized on social media, where news regarding his post-vaccination passing away went viral.

While it’s unclear whether the Covid jab was ultimately behind the bodybuilder’s demise, a similar unexpected demise happened to a healthy Ut mom in March days after receiving her second Moderna dose.

Kassidi Kurill , 39, was described her as a normal energetic girl until the day she received her second coronavirus vaccine, after which her health rapidly deteriorated.

Kurill’s dad blamed the vaccine for his daughter’s loss of life, saying “[I] must believe there was some thing with the shot. ”

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